modern museum in mexico

I went to a museum called Museo Memoria y Tolerancia on the weekend.

in a modern museum

It was enough to make me think, "There was a museum like this in Mexico."

So, what kind of museum is it?

The massacre of mankind against mankind that occurred after World War II,

In other words, detailed explanations about genocide and actual weapons and leftovers are exhibited.

The explanation is easy to understand, and there are many exhibits, videos and photos of the actual product,

The structure is relatively easy to understand even for children.

It is the massacre of Jews by the Nazis that occupies the largest space.

followed by Rwanda, Cambodia, Bosnia,

Among them was "Guatemala".

Guatemala is a neighboring country to Mexico.

They share a common Mayan culture with Mexico.

President Jose Efrain Rios Montt

In 1982, when the political situation was unstable, he took office as President of Guatemala in a coup d'état.

It has stepped up its crackdown on anti-government organizations.

Mayan ethnic groups were included in the rebel organization,

Their settlements were ruthlessly burned,

Over 1000 Mayans are said to have been massacred.


Speaking of massacres,

Then, during the Age of Discovery, in America, the “new continent” for Europeans at that time,

Came in at will,

arbitrarily seize the territory of the inhabitants of that time,

voluntarily converted to Catholicism,

I let you participate in the construction of churches like slaves without permission,

What about the Spaniards who arbitrarily killed many of the inhabitants of the time?

I come to the question.

In the first place, there was no concept of genocide at that time,

There is no surviving documentary evidence of the “facts” about the “settlement” of the New World.

About this Spanish invasion,

History is written from the perspective of the victors, the Spaniards,

It is never told from the point of view of the inhabitants of the time.


What about the killing of civilians by US atomic bombs?

Both raise questions.

There was no exhibition about this.


As I wrote on my Day of the Dead blog last year,

still before the European invasion,

The times of the ancestors of modern Mexicans,

Cut off from Putun and Mexican history in 1521,

It feels as if it is being talked about as something from another country and region...


Anyway, there is nothing to be said about Mexico,

The slaughter by the "outsiders" took place,

There is a cruel history that the culture at that time was also destroyed.


If you go to the humanities museum, by all means,

Between modern and ancient times,

In other words, the history from the arrival of the Europeans (now Spain) to their rule,

You might want to imagine it in a corner of your head.


Mexico is complicated.