Motivation from outside to inside.

XNUMX years living in Mexico,

“Showing the true face of Mexico to the world!'

with the motto

I'm Kou Iwasaki, a government-certified tour guide and driver for trips to Mexico.

I am writing from Mexico today.


Actually today

I had a fight with my wife in the picture on the front,

I'm pretty depressed. (crying)

"Why is this happening~"

And the story goes round and round without going to the core.

"No, I'm not talking here... (withering)"

"I wonder if I should give more."

"No, if you give this place any more, it will get worse."

While thinking about such a thing, the story eventually follows a parallel line,

It doesn't solve anything. (I'm in trouble)

I have no choice but to cool my head and wait for the warm weather to cool down... (sorrowful)


I apologize for my preface.


from outside to inside.


Talking about Mexico today

It does not mean that.

I think it would be tiring and boring to just talk about heavy Mexican topics every day, so

Sometimes unrelated topics are also mixed. (smile)

If you don't mind, please take a look tomorrow.


through the Internet,

various information,

And instantly and easily to the wisdom of the world

You can now touch it.


I remember writing some information about it before,

Depending on how you look at it, it's a very good social change.


For paper media,

In the old days, it would take months or years to get it,

And although it cost a lot of money,

Many are now free and

Instantly, if you download even a book on your terminal,

You can get books by foreign authors far away.


On the other hand,

If you use it incorrectly,

I came across an incredible amount of information,

that's the sourceYou may lose precious time and moneyThat's what I've written so far.


humans take action

in order to sustain furtherneed motivation.

Motivating, isn't it?


The reason why the diet does not last for three days is

Because I have no motivation.

But I started because I wanted to lose weight,

It's funny how you don't have motivation. (bitter smile)

There's a reason for this.


Including me


From an early age, in the structure of society,

I think we often act with external motives.


Parents, teachers, seniors, bosses say,

"I have to"

That's the motive.

if you don't do it





"Because he does/says that,

I should do the same."

That's it.


As I wrote at the beginning,

Now it's easy to connect with "famous" people.

"That 'famous' person says that, so I have to do that."

It tends to be



"I want a reward"

is also true.

“I want to be praised by someone for doing this.”



you say soDesire for approvalDid you mean that?


According to Buddha

It is said that humans have seven desires.


Every human being is equipped with a “seeking heart”.

This seeking heart

"Seven Desires"

It is divided into

Appetite, sleep desire, libido, laziness, etc.

one is thisDesire for approval.


In modern times,

You can easily connect anonymously,

It's time to send.

このDesire to be recognized by the general publicIt is,

I think it holds a lot of weight in my heart.


I don't think it's bad.

If it satisfies you and keeps you at peace, that's fine.


But I think


“Isn’t there something you want to do purely, something you want to think purely, something you can do purely?”




approval request, etc.

Excluding any external factors

what you want to do

actually too muchpureoften inconceivableI think.


Some bosses are bigoted when they go to work. (smile)

There is also the worldliness.

I also have a parent.

If you join an athletic club,

There are seniors who are like gods just by being one year older. (mystery)



keep things healthyTo let

"I like ~, I want to ~, I can ~"

such as myinner motivationI think it's better to take care of.



"I want to be recognized"


"Because everyone is doing it"

"Because it is said/believed to be"

No external elements are included.



"I want to"

That's what I think.


If I were pure,

"I want to eat a lot of local Mexican food"

"I want to know more about Mexico"

“Because I am myself, I can spread the true face of Mexico to the world!”

I think.


As a motivation,

“I want to write a blog about cooking and be praised by everyone.”

"I want to be a good guide and be commended by the Mexican government."

"I want to be famous in the world as a Mexican guide."

I meanOutwardthe motivation ofWhat is it?

I don't mind that, but

It should be noted that

The axis has slipped out of meThat's right.


In this world where so many things and information are mixed.

whenever the situation changesswept away,

swept over herewhile


Your short and fragile life will come to an end.


While striking a stake and connecting it with a rope to prevent it from being washed away,

In order to be able to swim freely around the stake,

pure within me"I want to"I want to listen to and live.


"I want to go to Mexico..."


¡Venga!(come on!) lol


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