I recommend the mountains of Mexico.

Right now, I'm making a website for mountain tours.

Just for now, let's fly,

Some of the tour examples have already been guided,

I am preparing both physically and mentally to become a guide who will guide me through the mountains of Mexico seriously.

I'm going to go to intensive training from April.

(The site has a notice of complete closure during this period)

Sounds like a mountain boom in Japan.

Everest is the same, but it is said that there is traffic jam on the mountain trail.

Search volume data is what we refer to when we think about which service to offer.

The number of searches per month for the keyword “climbing”.

Then, even if there is a climbing boom in Japan,

When limited to overseas mountains, it seems that there are not that many searches.

But the important thing here is that it is not zero.

A business owner like me who is doing it as an individual is not a business of volume (number),

Even a number that a travel agency running with a lot of expenses would not pay attention to,

That's a good number for me. (half happy)


Why are mountains in Mexico?

First and foremost is height.

Mount Fuji in Japan is 3770m,

Kita-dake at 3192m is the highest in the Japanese Alps.

Okuhotaka of 3190m even if cologne is piled up on the top,

Ainodake is 1m, which is the same as Okuho, and is 3190m higher.

Mt. Yarigatake is 3180m.

already at 2240m in the capital Mexico City,

It is a basin surrounded by mountains to the east, west and south.

Already over 3000m at the pass over to leave the basin.

The highest point is about 3100m, so

It is the same altitude as Maehotaka, Kitaho, and Karasawadake!

The highway passes through such a place, and people and cars come and go on a daily basis. (surprise)

The mountains that I plan to introduce to the people of Japan are

The lowest is 3980m, the middle is about 4500m,

Mexico's third peak, Iztaccihuatl, is 3m.

Another attractive thing is

Mexico's top XNUMX high mountains are concentrated in an area relatively close to the capital,

Good access, isn't it?

(Access here is distance, no public transport)

Climbing like "exceeding my limit altitude!"

300 km from the capital, you can enjoy it within a few hours.


This time the content has become an advertisement, but (sweat)


I want to climb it when I go to Mexico!

I'm not interested in Mexico or overseas, but I love mountains!

I've climbed all the famous Japanese mountains, so I want to start a new adventure!


Big, big, big welcome.


I am the only Japanese who has a Mexican mountain guide license (scheduled to get it in May), and I am the first.

Combining cultural and nature trips,

We are 200% satisfied with our trip to Mexico!


Are you surprisingly close?Mexico.

Don't worry too much, don't think too much, just take it easy~~~