Reasons why [products related to life] sell well in Japan

Various celebrities have their own perspectives on YouTube etc.

Videos that answer questions from viewers seem to be popular,

I'm surprised to see quite a few followers and views.

If you turn it over,

That many people live their short lives with that much anxiety,

It is that.


Most notably,

"Right now, I'm worried and I don't know what to do. What should I do?"

"I'm doing ~ now. What do you think?"

question like.


Yeah, I know, I know, that feeling.

I don't know what to do anymore

For the time beingI want to hold on to somethingThat's what I feel.

Thoughts that cling to strawso,

Randomly read the sayings of people who are said to be "successful people",

Watching various people's videos on YouTube.


I spent my twenties feeling that way too.

Even in my 30s, I sometimes wondered, "Are you okay?"

No, it still happens sometimes. (sweat lol)


Now, in fact, the number of inquiries has taken a nosedive after the year-end and New Year's economic boom,

It's like, "How long is this going to last?" (burn)

Is it seasonal or is it due to coronavirus?

What I don't quite understand is the place where my teeth are itchy,

Occasionally, it worries me.


ISchool days full of inferiority complexspent


Now that I think about it, it wasn't that bad.

Even if you study hard in your own way,

Even if you do your best in the sports club,

I'm not a popular person with many friends,

Everywhere I looked there was no excellence.


At that time, I felt like the above,

"It's dangerous, I have to do something..."

with the feeling that

Only impatience grows,

I've heard and read a lot of people's stories.

But in the end, it's all bad.




After all, the success story belongs to someone else.

Isn't that the case with athletes too?

Even if you try to imitate the form of other players,

After all, practice again and again,

you just have to find your type.


Your body has only your own muscles, nerves, skeleton, mind and head.

Trying to match it with someone else's,

unless it's a clone


Such you.


In my case

At an import wholesale company that happened to adopt a young man,

I happened to start a sales job with anxiety, and I got a break on my own,

I happened to wake up on my own,

Now that it's not enough,

The person I happened to talk to asked me, "What about traveling?"

I just happened to think, "Hmm!?"

When I searched for the reason why I couldn't do it,

What I happened to know"Actually, nothing was too much trouble.".

Rather, he was "turning to himself."

I just made a homepage.

Then contact us immediately

quit the company immediately

A chain of bread and bread has occurred.

From then on, I was completely absorbed.

Before I knew it, another year had passed.


For peoplespeed of eachI think there is

For example, I am about 10 years slower than my classmates.

Almost 10 years later, I started working properly.

I bought a car almost 10 years late.

I got married almost 10 years late.

How it is.



When you think it's no good, endure with a jerk,

Do what you can do right in front of you and do your best.

I think that's all there is to it.

Then you will be able to leave the result naturally,

Some people may feel like they hit the ceiling.


then there iswhen the tide turns.

Focusing on what I have gained confidence in and what I have become able to do,

You should expand your range of motion.

I think it's a continuation of that.


For example,

What Horiemon Channel says is correct,

There are many times when I nod and say, "I see."

But it's a little difficult for me.

I have my aptitude,

I don't have much understanding,

What I want to take care of is also different.


On the contrary, I heard that

If everyone "follows the right",

That's scary, isn't it?

But Japanese society makes it so easy now,

so many people live in so much anxietyabout it.

So,Products such as life-related videos and books sell like crazyIt is

That's why so many people are in the mood to grab at straws.


Mexico, which should be many times more inconvenient than Japan,

That system isThere is none.



Although it has a different shape,

because i am proud of myself.


market lady,

old garbage collector,

The unfriendly lady at the convenience store,

Twenty-year-old bastard who is smart in spite of his flirting,


A 60-year-old man who appears in the dance hall every Friday,

mariachi band,

Taxi driver,


Everyone,"I'm fine with this, I'm fine with it"

There is a core.

In a way, yesterday's"I don't apologize easily"

It also applies to


mexican people,

very high vitality.

Strong to hit.That's why boxing is so strong.

Never think about other people.

This is something we should learn from.