Human beings are all things, and the old man is the horse. / One pattern is scary.

XNUMX years living in Mexico,

“Showing the true face of Mexico to the world!'

with the motto

I'm Kou Iwasaki, a licensed tour guide and driver in Mexico.


It has nothing to do with Mexico.

See you tomorrow if you're interested.


Human beings are all things, and the old man is the horse.

The bread pattern is terrifying.

☝☝☝With an uncle who is a ruins guide.It's great to know the history of your hometown.


The other day,

When I read a newspaper article,

According to WHO

The corona vaccine will be able to be administered widely to the public,

It will be around the middle of XNUMX,

There was an article called.


"I expected it."

Although I was calm,

The travel industry is now

It turns out that the next half of the year is also almost hopeless.



I live with my wife on cheap rent,

There are almost no fixed costs,

I have little savings,

With some income from the heart-related business I started recently,

If it's just food, housing and a little hobby,

In detail,

It's a viable situation.



holding employees

There are also huge fixed costs such as rent.

I think it is really difficult for a “major” travel agency.

Even more so if you have no savings.


Around my home,


The signboard has become conspicuous.

Even in restaurants that seemed to be popular,

With the shutter down.


This time last year

Now my store is gone,

Running out of savings and getting lost on the street?

Who would have thought


It can't be helped that it happened.

No matter how much I lament now,

Things aren't going to get better tomorrow.



I think I told you that I was in sales for about XNUMX years at my previous job.

This is very useful now. (smile)


travel industry,

Especially when it comes to tourist guides.

Because this job comes in contact with many customers,

At first glance, it seems like a wide world, but

A very small worldWhat is it?


What does that mean?

If you take the extreme theory,

"Obtain some knowledge of a particular tourist spot and use it."

It's a job that can be done on its own.


I say again,

It's an extreme theory.

It is true that there are many wonderful guides.


For those who are close to the above extremes,

Even for difficult customers

If I can make it through the day

"Thank you very much, goodbye~"

Then things will be settled.

If you say so.


in short,

Tourist guides generally

Not a business based on building long-term relationships,

It is a story.


that's why,

A person who claims to be a "guide" who says appropriate things,

It's overflowing.

especially Mexico.

On the spot, that day.


But my previous job was different.

long-term relationships were very importantHm.

Depending on the customer

I have been involved with the company since its founding.

Even if you set the bar against the competition,

Subsequent follow-up is essential.

If you just pretend to know what you are doing,

Someday it will be revealed and you will lose credibility.

To build long-term relationships,

Not just about business

talk about yourself

Sometimes I listen to the troubles of customers who come out casually.

without being said in words

"Is it difficult?"


sometimes reaching out to it,

Repetition builds relationships.


But that's the basics of a tourist guide"Unnecessary".


terrible and

I met you for the first time in the morning,

in the afternoon of that day,

or in the evening

"Thank you very much. Goodbye~."

you know. (bitter smile)



A once-in-a-lifetime encounter with a customer who has been able to meet you,

You leave empty-handed.

(☝for me)


of course,

Among our customers are

Some people do not want such a close relationship with a guide.


After all, it is a guide for a travel destination that happened to be. (smile)


But II want to treat you with that kind of feelingI think

It is a story.


Sales experience in such a previous job,

I am very much alive as a tourist guide in this different field,

It's also connected to the Kokoro business that I started recently.


What I mean is,

"One pattern is scary"



Luckily for me,

"Food Sales"

I was able to acquire very versatile sales skills.


It was happening on a daily basis in a place I didn't know until nowAlthough,

It was clearly shown in this coronain a world of high uncertaintyThat is why

Just because one pattern just happened to go well,

Instead of sitting cross-legged,

How to spread the skills and knowledge you already have,

I think it's a matter of adapting to changing circumstances.


By the way,

Colleagues reading this,

Other company's spy! ? (LOL),

There is still a long way to go.

Let's do our best together~ (laughs)



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