Few people know that XNUMX years ago today, June XNUMXth was Mexico's Day of Joy.

XNUMX years living in Mexico,

“Showing the true face of Mexico to the world!'with the motto

complex and vast Mexico[Beneficial], [Easy], and [Rich]IFully Private Japanese Tourso,

We offer a trip to Mexico that you will want to come back to someday,

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I'm writing from Mexico today as well~


Not many people know that June XNUMXth is Mexico's "Day of Joy".

☝☝☝Real gold nuggets in the Museum of Humanity


XNUMX months left this year.


Lately, I've been saying "Time flies so fast",

It's too early to think about it. (bitter smile)


It's already July XNUMXst in Japan.

It's still June XNUMXth in Mexico.


this day is,

There is a famous event that happened exactly XNUMX years ago today.


Even though famous

“Speaking of June XNUMXth… Ah, that day.”

to the extent that

It's not like Christmas.


It's certainly not a holiday.



This is what I mean. (smile)



The discovery of the century has been made in the heart of Mexico City.



Should it be news in other countries?Therefore,

Some of you may remember.


in the center of Mexico City

A gold nugget was found XNUMXm underground.


Weighs XNUMX kg,

XNUMX cm long, XNUMX cm wide, and XNUMX cm thick.


But why is there a gold nugget buried there,

And was it big news?


Because it's not just a gold nugget.


On May XNUMX, XNUMX, there was a massacre in Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Mexica (Aztecs).


Spanish general Hernan Cortés

The same Spaniard who was sent to interfere with his "work",

He went to Veracruz (on the Gulf of Mexico side) to quell the rebellion of Pamfilio de Narvaez.


overthrew at Pamphilio at Sempoala in Veracruz,

After that, I will return to Tenochtitlan (Mexico City).

Meanwhile Pedro de Alvarado

slaughtered XNUMX people,

I remember writing about it last year.

☟Pedro de Alvarado (Museo Nacional de Virreinato collection)

☟A depiction of the massacre


Thus, among the Messicans,

There was growing distrust and hatred of the Spaniards.



Motecuhzoma Xocoyotzin, Emperor of the Messican Empire, was killed by the Spaniards on June XNUMXth.,

At last the Messican's patience is broken.

next dayJune XNUMXthDeveloped into a battle with the Spanish side,

The Spanish side suffered devastating damage,

They fled from the capital Tenochtitlan to the west for their lives.

This eventTypically"Noche triste = sad night"

It is called.


The way these Spaniards fled was

Behind the present-day Metropolitan CathedralTakuba street.

I fled west on Takuba Street.

☝☝☝Spanish escape route and where the gold was found

☝☝☝Takuba street now.The back side is the zocalo side, and I ran away toward the front.



Facing the cathedral, the building on the left is

Former Ashajacatl House (Father of Moctezuma, XNUMXth Mexica Emperor)

is where there was


The Spaniards

Ever since I came here on November XNUMX, XNUMX

I am collecting money diligently,

Here the gold is smelted from the ornaments of the Messicans,

in the form of gold nuggets,

I kept it in the coco.


money is

It is also one of the purposes that the Spaniards got into the land of Mesoamerica,

It was something precious that could not be lost.


that's why,

The Spaniards, attacked by the Messikas,

Have as much gold as you can carry,

Takuba Street, which was the closest escape route (behind the storage area),

They had to flee to the west land.


The reason why I went west on Takuba Street is because

At that time, there was a pier on the west side of Takuba Street (the west coast of the island),

It was connected to the western shore of Lake Texcoco.

☝☝☝The state of Tenochtitlan at that time.The central square is the current Zocalo
The "street" that extends from the central part to the front (west) is the current Takuba Street.

On the other hand,

Several canals (waterways) passed through the island of Tenochtitlan.

One of them is

Located near the intersection of current Takuba Street and Reforma Street (before the west bank),

It had a wooden bridge.

This bridge

It was destroyed when the Spaniards fled.

and with some Spaniards,

A gold nugget also fell into the waterway.


found in XNUMXThis gold nugget

It is a thing of this time.


XNUMX years after its discovery,

The truth was shrouded in mystery,

last January,

Investigations match the gold structure found in Messika relics of the time,

It was proven to be one of the gold nuggets looted by the Spaniards.



No evidence of any attempt to hide the gold nuggets was found.

box, bag,

No work has been done to hide it,

The escape routes of the Spaniards matched this.


This event is commonly called Noche triste (sad night).

Exactly XNUMX years ago today, June XNUMX, XNUMXhappened to


By the way, this Noche triste (sad night)

From a Spanish point of view,

From the Messika side led by Cuitlahuac, the XNUMXth Messika emperor who succeeded Moctezuma II,

this is[Victory Night = Noche victoriosa]Such you.


This gold nugget

of that eventthe only physical evidenceAnd

そのextremely importantIt is


By the way, on Takuba Street,

There is also a delicious Mexican restaurant, so please try walking by all means ~


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