What we can learn from Mexicans living in the present

Japan is now an aging society.

From now on, it will become an aging society that will continue to progress.

Or is it already?


At such times, the first thing to think about is money,

It seems.


Despite having a pension

There must be many people who say, "I can't live!"

On June XNUMXth of last year, there was also a [Pension Return Demo] from Hibiya Park.

It's been about XNUMX years since I went abroad,

I will continue to pay my pension.

Free time

If you pay an additional XNUMX yen each month, the amount you receive will increase,

I'm shrewdly paying for it. (bitter smile)


But according to my calculations, the amount I could receive is about 6 yen.

6 yen

Isn't it less than a student's part-time job? (bitter smile)

I'm not even a salaryman in Japan, so

Of course, there is no welfare pension.




The income that can be received by continuing to apply the pension as it is is

That's about the maximum amount. (bitter smile)


And in my case

I have no reason

It looks like it will live a long time.why. (LOL)
I feel like that.

So, no matter how much you save,
Maybe, or rather, it will never be enough.

Moreover, if I had enough income to save that much, I wouldn't be gloomy now. (bitter smile)


So what I'm thinking is


'I don't count on my pension'




In other words, in JapanI don't even think about living while receiving a pension.


"Then why are you throwing money down the drain?"

I think it will be


I live in Mexico, where the currency value is low and prices are still relatively cheap,

Even if 6 yen is a ridiculous amount in Japan,

I can't afford luxury, but I can't get enough of it,

It means that you can live for the time being in a place with a roof.

Of course, if the price rises by then, it will be over,,, (bitter smile)



I don't expect Pension Sun to bet my entire post-retirement life.


"Then what will you do when you're old?"


I don't understand that.


MoreoverWhat is "old age"?


In the first place,

I don't know until that point. (bitter smile)


When I went abroad for the first time XNUMX years ago,

I couldn't even imagine that I would be writing this kind of blog and e-mail magazine in Mexico XNUMX years later.

more than double that

There is no way to know that there are still more than XNUMX years left before you can receive a pension.


It would be a lie to say that I started my business without thinking about it at all.

About XNUMX% want to go now,

earning a certain amount of income at an old age,

MoreoverI want to work and live by myself.

YohaActive for life!


Umm, it's not a lifelong active job that you do while suffering for your living.

Doing work that benefits society, receiving a lot of "thank you" from customers,

I want to be happy and have fun.no matter how old she is.


So, if

If you get sick and fall down,

Assuming that the situation is about XNUMX%,

I have a pension in Japan.

Because there is no complete story.

The possibility of that is not XNUMX%.


I am not satisfied with my pension,

I don't have the funds to invest in stocks or real estate at this time.


What you can do is self-employed,



In the first place, the desire to be active and lively while my body is moving is greater.

In fact, most Mexicans feel that way.


live in the present


So I spend most of my money.

That's why we have two paydays a month.

I don't have any savings, but I love debt.

That's why very few people have pensions.


Even if you say pension, it is basically a savings type with interest, and if you do not die early after retirement, the principal will be returned.

It's over when it's gone.


Maybe "What are you going to do in the future?" or "What about retirement?"

No matter what you ask,

Any ordinary citizen"Huh!?"You look like



If everyone is in trouble with money, why don't they open a taco shop? (smile)

I have the internet now.

There is a lot of freedom in that area,

When starting a business in Mexicolow barriersIt is

In my case, all procedures related to opening a business were solved online.


Dear Japanese people,

そ ん な にWorrying about the future is uselessis not it.

A one-time life, a fleeting life that may end in the next moment.


I think it's better to live in the present to the fullest.


Give me back my pension

I understand how you feel, but

Isn't it at most hundreds of thousands, millions?

(Whether that's a lot of money depends on how you perceive it.)

It may be fun to turn the energy you turn there to Imma! ? (smile)