That's why I publish information about Mexico for free.That's... (laughs)

XNUMX years living in Mexico,

“Showing the true face of Mexico to the world!'with the motto

complex and vast Mexico[Beneficial], [Easy], and [Rich]IFully Private Japanese Tourso,

We offer a trip to Mexico that you will want to come back to someday,

I'm Kou Iwasaki, a certified Japanese tour guide and driver.


I'm writing from Mexico today as well~


That's why I publish information about Mexico for free. (smile)

☝☝☝ Do you know where this is in Mexico?


Have you been involved in history recently?

I'm sorry that I can't contribute anything to those who are not interested.


Even though I know that

There's a reason why I don't stop posting about history.


Of course it is difficult and

For those who are not interested, I think it's boring and annoying to read.


I mean, you can't open a blog like that in the first place. (smile)


It's not something you read until you get bored~ (bitter smile)

Please check back from time to time tomorrow.


About the history of Mexico

I was taught by a doctoral teacher in history at the National University of Mexico at the guide school.



I was brought information that I didn't know the source of,

There are people who want to say this and that,

For your own time,

Please limit your sources to official sources.

Please refrain from using wiki-something sites and other related sites. (bitter smile)


I was at the kindergarten level in Mexican history,

I suddenly asked a doctor from a national university to teach me,

"I can't keep up with anything!?"

I thought.




And in a foreign language.


But I managed.

Only the basic part.


As a basic idea,

In XNUMX, "History of Mexico"

The history dates back to when the Spaniards landed in Mesoamerica.


earlier times,

Mesoamerican history is a branch of archeology.


It's just my imagination,

More than XNUMX% of those traveling to Mexico

You don't know anything about Mexico,

It's okay to participate in some Japanese tours in the past,

"Heh~~, it's amazing..."

"Photo Pasha Pasha Pasha~"

I think so.


of course,

It's okay, but still.


Each person has their own purpose of travel.

If your job is to upload photos to SNS,

I wish I could even take pictures.


But, isn't it?

I don't know much about other countries, but

As for Mexico,

If it's just that, it's a waste.


From me


For example,

Even if you eat one taco(su) al pastor,

Thousands of years ago there were chili peppers and corn,

Cooked in metate, molcajete, and comal and made into dough,

In the XNUMXs, Lebanese culture entered...

Knowing all that, when I ate it,

"I see~'

I stared at the tacos while thinking. (it's me)


This is also each person, so it's not bad.


of course,

"I wish I could take pictures of the ruins!"

But it's okay,

"I want to jump in the ruins and take a picture!"

But it's good.

"Cancun is famous, so I want to go!"

Of course it's OK.

(If it's just the sea, I think Ishigaki Island is more beautiful (bitter smile)


👆 Yes, it's extra help.


Each trip has a purpose.


i like photography too

When I go on a trip, I'm a person who takes a lot of photos,

I thought that one day.


"What the hell am I filming so much?'




Not knowing that is

I don't know the [value] of the subject,

Same thing.


That means

Koban to the cat.


Yes, I was both a cat and a horse.


The subject is

Although it is of great value,

Take a picture without knowing what it is,

I'm uploading to SNS saying "It's beautiful!"

stupid catHey,

I thought. (pain)


By knowing even a little bit of history,

"Why is Spanish spoken in Mexico?"

Starting from

"Why is there tequila?"

"Why tortilla instead of rice?"

"Why are there so many pyramids in Mexico?"

"Why is Mexican food spicy?"

“Why are there more than XNUMX languages ​​even now?”


"Why is only Brazil spoken in Portuguese in Latin America?"


It solves common questions.


nothingYou don't need to know super high level history.

Because there is no sharpness when you look up.

I don't have the knowledge of a historian,

Of course, I'm sure there are people who know more about American history than I do..


Posting almost every day

[Kiote Tsushin]

Although one-sided,

To as many people as possible,

To make people interested in Mexico even a little,

And by knowing even a little and traveling to the site,

Maximize the amplitude of sensitivity,

The value of your trip to Mexico will be XNUMXx, XNUMXx! ? (laughs) to

Purpose of this [Kiote Communication].


I know that there are parts that cannot be explained,

Please feel free to ask me anything you don't understand~


(Note: 👆Actually, I recently changed my policy and don't have time, so it's a major premise that you use my service lol)


I will give you an explanation as far as I can understand.


See you ~


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