Massacre by the Spaniards.

XNUMX years living in Mexico,

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I'm Kou Iwasaki, a professional Mexican travel guide and driver.

I am writing from Mexico today.


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Following yesterday

I'm sorry that the topic of history continues.


It is now May XNUMX, XNUMX in Mexico.

XNUMX years agoSpeaking of...

I can't think of it in Japanese history, but

An easy-to-understand event is Magellan.

Magellan left Spain in XNUMX and

Died in the Philippines in XNUMX.

XNUMX years ago today, I wonder if I was somewhere around South America, the halfway point.


As for why I changed the topic today,

famous for the aztecsCapital of the Messican Empireof Tenochtitlan,

It is a religious building commonly known as "Templo Major".

by spanish

against the Messicans,

The day of the massacreWhat is it?


It's a place you'll find in guidebooks.


Even after this, under the pretext of missionary work,

Inhuman acts by monks and Spaniards continue throughout Mesoamerica.

This is my second time at Templo Major.


For example, in Japan,

War, especially the atomic bomb,

As a "negative legacy" that must not be forgotten,

As an experience that should never be repeated,

It is passed down from generation to generation. (I hope so.)

More than XNUMX% of Americans still support the use of atomic bombs against Japan.

The act of slaughtering innocent and defenseless civilians, which has nothing to do with war,

It is absolutely unacceptable,

America should apologize as a country.


to apologize or not

not determined by the number of casualties,

It should be done about the act itself.

I apologize for the many deaths,

so little that it doesn't matter,

That's different.


XNUMX years ago today,

At the site of "Templo Major" in Mexico City today,

Spanish commander,

Pedro de AlvaradoAt the direction of a person named (Pedro de Alvarado),

As many as XNUMX Messikas were killed.

☝☝☝Museo de Virreinato
Portrait of Pedro de Alvarado

This incident is still

"Massacre of Templo Major"

recorded in history as

In the square in front of "Templo Major" on this day,

A seasonal event called [Tóxcatl] was held.

This is the Messican god Tezcalipoca

It was dedicated to Huitziloposturi.

Explaining the gods would be long and complicated, so I won't do it here.


inside that,

Huey tozoztli

There was a ceremony.

Butritual of sacrificeBut,,,

I have completed a series of ceremonies,

The "prisoners" who looked like Tezkaripoka and Huitziloposturi

They are sacrificed to pray for the resurrection of God.

This ceremony is especially for rain and agriculture,

And it was done to pray for a good harvest of corn.

May is the rainy season in Mexico City.

It fluctuates from year to year, but

Around this time (May XNUMXth) is the beginning of the rainy season. (was)


When I look at the picture of this massacre, it looks strange.

I can't see the person who looked like a god necessary for the ceremony.


By this time already

Catholicism by the Spaniards

may have been converted,

Intended to slaughter from the beginning

Directed to perform their traditional rite Tóxcatl,

Massacres were carried out in large crowds,

The theory.

The other is that the Messikas themselves

Let them perform their idolatrous rites,

asked the spanish

There are two theories that

The former is believed to be the more dominant.


No matter how mixed-race people are,

Messicans tooancestors of modern mexicans.

their ancestors,

By the Spaniards who suddenly boarded,

the cultureunilaterally destroyed

oppressedAbout the past

"I don't think so"

That's right.



I talked to many people,

I still don't understand. (bitter smile)


School education must be like that.

"Mexico since Spain came in",

It seems that the idea is strong.

Because of the mixed culture,

Formerly foreigners

From the perspective of "now",

"Disturbance among Friends"

I think that's what it feels like.


An old thing,

Mesoamerican culture,

That is what will be relegated to the outside.


modern mexicans

our roots,

And in thinking about identity,

I think it's a difficult but important point.


I'll write something other than history tomorrow~