The magical power of words that can change the destination is actually amazing.

XNUMX years living in Mexico,

“Showing the true face of Mexico to the world!'

with the motto

I'm Kou Iwasaki, a licensed tour guide and driver in Mexico.


Today is the story of the heart.

Somehow, "I feel heavy~"

If you feel that way, I hope this helps.

"Clear weather without a single cloud!"

Please take another look tomorrow. (smile)

In Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, near my hometown,

Two clusters occur,

Persistent harassment of infected people is increasing...


If you let your guard down and go out at your own risk and get infected

I don't understand the feeling of wanting to say "Bakamon!"

Japanese people are considerate,

Aren't we people who help each other? (bitter smile)

my local friends

It seems that people feel more scared than Corona.

(People are scary...)


Some people actually do that, right?

People around you pretend not to see.

just like bullying,

It's the same as being complicit in that.


Caring and helping each other

I wonder if it was just "hypocrisy" after all...

Sorry for the locals.


by the way,

Such"Opacity"Because of the situation

In other words,

I've never really seen it before,

I see many new things,

There are things you can do if you notice.


For example,

at the beginning"Opacity"I wrote,

vice versa“Transparent”Is there a time


in conclusion.


"Not. (smile)


An inch ahead is darkness.


Then why is this time seemingly "opaque"?

"I don't know what will happen to my work if the economy sinks in Corona"

That is,

First of all, I think there is a big thing.



Have you ever had the chance of losing your job today?

Speaking of,

I don't think it ever happened.


more or less

"I will lose my job today"

The possibility that

It must have always existed in a place I didn't know.


Any human being


what happened yesterday

It still happens today.


Things that happened yesterday

There is today.


who was there yesterday

I am there today.



good things and bad thingsI'm convincedThat's right.



as a reality,

Such a "stable" reality is

Something that can easily fall apartWhat is it?


on that evidence,

just seven months ago

The world has just started the new year.

Me too,

Set goals for the new year

It was an exciting time.

そ し て,

Only one month later,

Who could have imagined that this year would be like this?


Even the “massacre” against Japanese civilians by the US military XNUMX years ago,

そのin a momentOne life has disappeared XNUMX times.


For those affected by XNUMX,

Things literally changed in an instant.


Even more so if you lost your life.

Even those who had a “stable” job

Perhaps there are people who say that the company itself no longer exists,


The person who took out the loan of the house,

The plan was quickly derailed by layoffs and pay cuts.


That means,

It's always opaque.


virus or

or lose your job

or lose someone

Whether or not such things surface in reality,

ouryour surroundings and

The state of the heart that is often linked with it is

very easy to changeThat means


better to knowIs not it?


much less

When such things come to the surface,


We tend to use negative words.


“Ah~, the company will last for the rest of this year不安It is. ''

"I'm going to travel to Mexico for a whileImpossible'

"I understand the situation, but for a pay cutDissatisfactionIt is. ''

"I was at home with my wife all the time and had many fights.unfortunatelyIt is. ''

Even if you don't complain

Impossible, no, etc. are also the same.


There is no limit if you give such a thing.


If you are worried about your company or work,

"If you get out of Corona and recover, thisI wanna try'

Try to plan.


If you want to go to Mexico as soon as possible but can't go and are dissatisfied,

"I'm going to the corner,

Don't forget to read Kiote Tsushin (laughs).

I want to go to Coco in Mexico,

there toowant to go!'

Think about the places you want to go.


If you often quarrel with your wife or husband,

"Surely now is the time for discussion and understanding必要what"

Think about it.


Like that,

I can't change it on my own,

hopeless realityAgainst

usemake the words positiveThat is true.


positive thinking is

Scientifically proven to extend life.


If the language changes

Ideas change.

If you change your mind

The behavior that comes out will also change.

If behavior changes

Habits change.

If you change your habits

beyond thatThe place you go will change.


"In a world like this..."

If you think

Instead of taking it as "no",

to a new and happy futurechanceIf you think of it as

In the end I get it.


No matter how much I regret it,

Even if I lament

Even if it scatters around,

It doesn't matter what happened in reality.

than thatadmit and forgive.


At least I

in mexico,

I don't know how long this situation will last,

Think like that,

without complaint

I live happily. (smile)



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