What are Mexican soccer supporters yelling?

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I am writing from Mexico today.

If you are interested in soccer,

You've probably heard this topic before.


Today's topic is Spanish.


If you feel uncomfortable

Please skip this time.


While knowing that

The reason why I would like to introduce

"Slang is also part of Mexican culture"

That's why.


Example article☟☟☟



Soccer Brazil Cup, Russia Cup,

Chants (cheering) by Mexican supporters became a problem.

☟☟☟This support



If you say what this is saying,

"E~~~~~ Pto!"

I'm saying. (smile)


FIFA sees this as a problem.

“If you do it next time, it will be a penalty.”

I warned the Mexican side.


The reason why FIFA sees it as a problem is because

"I insulted a homosexual man"

That's it.

I saw it as a sexually discriminatory term.


"Puto" certainly means a male homosexual.

On the other hand, Puta means prostitute.


With that,

Never use it while traveling. (bitter smile)


If you can make Mexican friends,

(depending on the person's education)

You will hear it often.

Actually, I use it a lot when I'm with friends like that. (Sweat due to bad education)


Therefore, it is not absolutely NG,

It's a very common word, depending on the situation.


For example,

when you mess up something


Saying like a monologue and holding his head in despair,

See amazing photos and videos


Saying that to himself, he rolled his eyes and was shocked.


But if you say this to a woman,

you areone-time exit.

This is no good.


The man is a putto,

I also jokingly make fun of my homosexual friends. (bitter smile)

(I'm a gaijin with a foul mouth)


So why do you shout that at soccer games?

In realityThis includesno homosexualityIt is


Is Mexico the same as Japan?It was a male-dominated culture. (is.)

For example, without courage,

A man who can't make up his mind

I'm going to make fun of you with puto.

In English, we call it chicken.

For example,

I say good things to my boss and colleagues who flatter above me. (smile)


I don't mean homosexuality here,

"A man is as weak as a woman"

It is used in the sense that

(This is just an image, there are actually many women who are tougher than men.)

In other words,


The background is the long-standing image of male superiority.



Goalkeeper of the opposing team in soccer,

a free kicker

just before kicking the ball


They are yelling and ridiculing.

But this

It's a common kind of heckling in sports cheering.



not a sexist term

That's Mexico's point of view.



FIFA didn't understand. (sorrow)


Thank you to all the supporters outside of Mexico,

Japan too! ?

It seems that I started using this by imitating it.

(There is no confirmation,,,)


Outside soccer,

When someone slips for uke,

Including people you don't know

"E~~~~ Pto!"

You can often see the spectacle of ridiculing at bars. (smile)


Just a two-letter word

I have this background.