Thinking, "Frankly, it doesn't matter.


It's strange to say it myself, but I've been extremely busy since November last year,

When I suddenly looked up, the new year was over,

Another month has passed and it's already mid-February.

Even though less time has passed than last year, it feels three times faster than before.

How did you all start 2020?

If you open a news site, the news site will be busy early in the new year, such as the coronavirus, celebrities' affairs, divorce scandals, and drug scandals.

A record warm winter is coming to an end in Japan,

I think that there are many people who are heading for various "spring on the way home" such as entrance examinations, graduation ceremonies, entrance ceremonies and joining ceremonies.

Here in Mexico, there is no such movement in the spring.

The new semester starts around the end of August, but there is no simultaneous entrance ceremony in April.

The company's fiscal year runs from January to December.

That's why in January, there was an advertisement like "Sale to support new members of society!"

There is no newcomer joint training, and of course there is no joining ceremony.

What a carefree country.

"Since the new year is over, I'm going to Acapulco. I'm going to take a week off."

Even though the new fiscal year has just started, some people take a day off (sweat lol)

At that time, the topic I raised to the Mexican people around me was "Celebrity affair scandal".

I will preface, but my position is [adultery is not good] and I do not defend it.

Please do not misunderstand me. (cold sweat)

A little bit about the huge amount of energy used for that "sack hit""Heh~~~, that's all I'm going to do"So,

I will try to write about it.

Looking at Japanese news sites,

Day after day, I often see commentators and celebrities wanting to stop by and beating up the “culprit”.

The "culprit" is also staying in the car without being able to stay at the hotel...

In conclusion,"Frankly, it doesn't matter, does it?"It will become.

"Adultery is evil! I will never forgive you!"

I mean, isn't that person a stranger in the first place?

Some of the actresses said, "Even if I go to the graveyard, I will continue to hold a grudge!"

Do you want to die holding such a grudge against other people's private affairs?

Moreover, do you continue to hold a grudge against other people's affairs even after you die?

"Please do as you please."

When I told a Mexican about that, the reaction was "Hey!?"

No, of course cheating and adultery are not good.

But the degree of "blowing"AnomalyIt seems

Of course, there are no clear standards.

Cheating and adultery are “private affairs” between the parties.

Even if I go out of my way to show it to the world, the world is not interested,

Or rather, everyone seems to be more important to themselves (sweat lol)

That burning heat is a bit, no, quite abnormal.

Except when your neighbors or loved ones are sick or on fire,

Wouldn't it be better to spend a little more energy on your own happiness?

What news did you think?