What [Kiote Tsushin] wants to do.

XNUMX years living in Mexico,

“Showing the true face of Mexico to the world!'

with the motto

I'm Kou Iwasaki, a government-certified guide and driver for trips to Mexico.

I am writing from Mexico today.

☝☝☝On a coast in the Yucatan Peninsula with my partner Suzuki SX4.
He was small but tough.

It's almost half a year since I started this one-sided [Kiote Tsushin].


I can't hide my surprise at the overwhelming response I received from so many people that even I was surprised.

Much obliged.

If you are a blogger, I think you will understand,

Since I am writing one-sidedly,

I'm very happy that there is a reaction to it! (Joy!)


google is awesome

how many people

How long have you been reading what kind of articles?

You can get the data.

(Please be assured that personal information such as the name of the viewer will not be displayed at all.)

Seeing it,

“Even if Facebook likes are few,

I'm sure everyone is reading it."


"So many people are returning to my homepage."

That's what I understand.



“There are so many people showing interest in Mexico, which has a slightly higher hurdle.”



Every day is a day of discovery!


そ し て,

As well as the comments section on Facebook,

I personally receive a lot of messages from many people every day via e-mail and line,

I am just grateful.


Thank you as always!


I will continue to

“Friends in Mexico”As,

Feel free to use it~~ (laughs)


I may have written this before,

There is a reason why I started [Kiote Tsushin].


It's not just a typical "Mexico news".

It just seems to flow certain information from right to left.


Even if you have been to Mexico,

Even if you haven't been there yet,

Even if you have no intention of going to Mexico in the future! ? (smile)


I want you to touch the real face of Mexico even a little,

A little bit about Mexico

And the events that happened on the same earth,

I'm writing this in the hope that even if it's just a corner of my head, I can think about it.


For beginners, a little

I mean,

quite a maniacThere are some contents that seem to be difficult. (thank you)

But I am writing with that in mind.


I don't get much reaction even if I introduce famous dance songs with good vibes, but (laughs)

That's okay!


In order to earn the number of "likes",

All you have to do is post information that has already been sold,

If you write like that, you will get "likes".



but actuallyI'm not really interested in that. (bitter smile)


Even if you see it alone,

“There is such a lively dance in Mexico!”

"Have fun!"

"I wanna try!"

If you feel

The role of this [Kiote Tsushin] is achievement.


"People say this, but

It's a little different when you look at it from another angle."



Put a little distance from the information overflowing on the Internet and information magazines,

I want you to think for yourself.


The need has appeared conspicuously in the corona misfortune.

What is truly meaningful and important information?


"The book says ~ is important, but why is it important?"


"The guidebook says ~ is the world's number one tourist destination, but

Why is it number one and why is it rated so high?

And so on.


I want to see the true face of Mexico,

For free!(Lol)

open to the public,

We are here to guide you.


After arriving

Even if I'm exhausted and listen to it,

I don't think it will impress you much. (bitter smile)

(because I am)

"How many years did Teotihuacan start,

People like this live

The Pyramid of the Sun is a meter high,

The moon is like this,

The road of the dead is not really a road,

We are trading with local places like this,

But the enemy is here,

I was doing this

That's why it's important..."

It's good to know something about this beforehand.

that way,

locallyjust be impressed.



I would be happy if you could entrust me with a guide for your trip to Mexico, but (I wish!)

Even if someone else goes, (crying)

If you only know this

I'm sure you will enjoy Mexico many times more.


そ し て,

If it can contribute to the correct spread of Mexican culture,

What I do makes sense.