Do rankings make people happy?


It's convenient, isn't it ~. (smile)

Ranking on the Internet, of course,

Comments and ratings can be seen immediately,

“More peace of mind”Now is the time to buy goods and services.


in the travel industry,

TripAdvisor is

It seems that you are making the most of it.



I also bought it after seeing the ranking (past tense).


ButI don't anymore. (bitter smile)


I will look at the comments for your reference.

Hotel or

A product you want to buy.


So why did I stop looking at rankings?

i have my own lifestyle

have a budget,

There are also preferences.


people who don't know where

Numbers determined by your own indicatorsso,

XNUMXst place, XNUMXnd place, and depending on the case, the bottom (bitter smile),

I doubted that it would be decided.


It is not precious because it is high in the mountains. (smile)


In my case

When deciding

Official information about the product and

Looking at the comments of people who have used it for reference,

I want to think about it myself and buy it.


For example,

In recent years, due to time constraints,

When I go abroad, I try to ask for private tours.


Searching on the internet

There are also several travel agencies,

contact us directly

interact directly with

Decide by taking into account the other party's response.


Products and services that satisfy

Far from failing,

Satisfied beyond expectationsMost likely.

If at the stage of interaction,

slow response or

I don't understand what you're saying,

If you don't answer my question properly,

This is already shady, isn't it?


The people, goods, and services that are popular with the population

for better or worseAccumulation of [evaluation of others]Such you.

If you have a lot of "likes" on SNS,

"Oh, this is supported."

and without even reading the contentsreact automaticallyis the same as


The operator of the site somehow manages to reach the top or the top of the ranking,

I put a force to bring the company's site,

There are people who cheat.


Such[Another person's too irresponsible filter]Based on the ranking that passed through

Deciding whether to buy or not to buy

It's actually pretty risky. (bitter smile)

especially travel

may be once in a lifetime,

This is the case for non-physical goods.


Think for a moment.


you are,

On a trip that may be your first and last,

Based on the rankings that others have quantified with their indicators,

For travel that costs money and time that is not cheap,

Can you pay the money?


I am NO

It's time rather than money.


When I was looking at a certain Japanese travel-related site,

"San Miguel was chosen as the best in the world!"


I recommend San Miguel Allende.


"..." (bitter smile)


What is the ranking based on?

Word of mouth from a North American who came on the advice of a real estate company?

Or did you make it up yourself?


like thatbaseless propagandaTravel information media that

These days, even if you don't like it, you can see it.


"More peace of mind" at the beginning,

[Genuine peace of mind, genuine satisfaction]to

After all,

I have to think for myself.


I am only in the travel industry in Mexico,

I want to put a stop to such a trend,

(Although it is quite common, but...)

own experience and

Collect information from reliable sources,

We publish a blog every day. (smile)


The trip that I decided on my own,

surely fun,

and it should be convincing.