With the advent of SNS?Increasing Travel Refugees / Ultimately, it's better to think about the meaning of traveling

XNUMX years living in Mexico,

“Showing the true face of Mexico to the world!'

with the motto

I'm Kou Iwasaki, a government-certified guide and driver for trips to Mexico.

I am writing from Mexico today.

☝☝☝In Panajachel, Guatemala

SNS (Social Networking Service)

This world has become commonplace as a communication tool.


Actually, I'm not very interested in SNS,

It's okay to be late to catch up with the times!

So I reluctantly opened my account,

Even if I tried, I couldn't continue with a three-day shave.


Now it's my job,

Since outgoing is "necessary",

I post almost every day.

And it's "liked".


During that time,

One of the most popular posts is travel related.



Of course, I follow people who are interested in traveling. (smile)



It's amazing~ You've traveled all over the world.

Pictures of the beautiful clear sea,

European old streets, etc.

"This is good!"

That's how much it's been upgraded.


As if competing inside,

The flag of the country you went to and the number of times you went,


I become.


I wrote a little about myself in my introduction.

I have been in Canada for a short time.

“Work” is not a Japanese company,

It was a XNUMX% Canadian company.


And now

Although his nationality is Japanese,

As a “permanent immigrant,”

I live in a XNUMX% Mexican society.


Same foreign life.

The same XNUMX% "away" living environment.



Compared to Canada XNUMX years ago,

Not at all.


feeling. (smile)


When I was in Canada, I was XNUMX-XNUMX.

drop out of college,

Off the so-called laid rails,

Like a rocket breaking free from Earth's gravity

I'm from Japan.


Of course, he was young and full of enthusiasm and motivation. (smile)


That was good.

I also dreamed of living in a foreign country.


Cycle halfway across the continent,

Stay on a large farm with a view of the horizon,

working for a Canadian company

I needed that kind of experience.

☝☝☝With Jason who was taken care of in Toronto

☝☝☝Pharmacist Peter who helped me after being injured

☝☝☝Canadian Highway that seems to last forever

☝☝☝Don't forget to repair your bicycle




That was it after all.


I couldn't keep my feet on the ground.


There was also the element of limited visa time,

more than that "I didn't feel like I was hooked on something.


For example, at that time

"Vancouver is the best place to live!"

I thought,

I don't care nowHm.


That is,

Because life in Mexico completely surpassed it.


As for why

I'm addicted to Mexico.


As for why I got hooked,

Not only the scenery that can be seen on the upper side,

its history and culture,

Human beings themselves,

I was able to feel and understand the world view of Mexico with my own body,

And that's because it suits my taste.


By the time you realize that

It's been XNUMX years. (smile)



There are many different reasons for traveling.

photo or

Gourmet or

For showing off on SNS.


It can be anything,

I feel it when I look at recent SNS

Let me give you my personal opinion,

“Travel Refugee”too many

about it.


What is a travel refugee?

in the country or landpeople who want to go.


Of course, it is true that I physically went through the immigration inspection of the country,

Without seeing or knowing the real face of the place,

It is a traveler who repeats the so-called “movement” one after another.

In particularMany people in their XNUMXs or around XNUMX (around XNUMX)It looks like it.

Traveling abroad just got easier.


But yeah

travel refugeeEven if it becomes

BukkakeI don't get muchHm.

before becoming a guideI was a bona fide travel refugeeBecause,

I understand.


Whether traveling or working

"I feel like I've..."

It's happening unconsciously, isn't it?

no matter what.


A foreign country and a foreign land to go to.


I want to make the time and money I spend on it really worth itis not it.


It might be too much trouble, but (laughs)

I think so.

For customers who come to me at least,

So that you can feel the true value of your trip to Mexico

We are here to guide you.


It's become a sad story. (bitter smile)

Tomorrow will be a bright topic~