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☝☝☝ Tenochtitlan in the early days of the Messican Empire,
A semi-reclining statue (commonly known as Chacmol) found in the second layer of "Templomajor"
It was used in sacrificial ceremonies.
This statue, popularly known as Chak Moll in guidebooks and media.
Originally, it refers to something different from chuck mole.
Commentary in Mexico. (smile)



It's about "sacrifice".



Needless to say,

The act of "death offering".


In previous blogs,

The word "sacrifice" appeared.

In addition,


There was also iloilo in the method of. . .


take out the heart

amputation of the head,


like Chichen Itza

Throw them in a cenote and drown them,

toasted with fire,

Beating to death like Messika's Gladiator style...


Prisoners of war, slaves,

On another occasion, he offered a child to God.


On the other hand,


The act itself is

Nothing is limited to Mesoamerica,

It was also done in other parts of the world.


There are two definitions of sacrifice.


One is what God does to man,

Second, what humans offer to God.


In Mexico, as far as I can understand,

The meaning of XNUMX is strong.


A spring event to pray for a good harvest of corn,

Gladiator at Trakasi Pewaristuri,

The rain-making ceremony held during the drought,

It was done in the sense of making an offering to the gods in order to obtain something.

There are many "sacrifice rituals".


Even if you say "sacrifice",

Some did not involve death.

For example, it came out at Chichen ItzaTulaKing of

QuetzalcoatlIt is,

According to legend


It seems that he was doing

What is that penancebathing in the riverAnd

Self-mutilation with maguey tips, obsidian blades, etc.That's it.

☟☟☟Left: Quetzalcoatl's Penance
Right: Self-harming tongue and ears.
Source: Arqueologia Mexicana

The hostile Tezcalipoca disguised himself as an old man,

Make him drunk by drinking XNUMX cups of Maguey's liquor pulque,

as he thought,

Quetzalcoatl neglected his customary "penance",

On top of that, I had incest with my own sister,

They will be abandoned by the citizens of Tula.

☟☟☟Failure of Quetzalcoatl
From left: Bathing, Tezcalipoca offering pulque, Quetzalcoatl getting drunk
Source: Arqueologia Mexicana

The "sacrifice ritual" that accompanies death

It wasn't done on a daily basis.

It was roughly divided into two types of "execution days".



Ceremonies based on the Mesoamerican calendar.

For example, Trakashi Pewaristuri (prayer for a good harvest of corn) in spring,

It was also the site of a massacre by the Spaniards.

For example, Toxcatl, an event dedicated to the June Mesika gods Tezkaripoka and Huitziloposturi.


The second is,

It's time to celebrate.

For example, when a new chief is decided,

When new religious buildings are built,

praying for rain,

Funerals, etc.

☝☝☝It was said that Teotihuacan did not have a custom of sacrifice.
In XNUMX, a human skeleton with hands tied behind was found in the basement of the Temple of Quetzalcoatl.
It is believed that he was killed by cutting an artery in his leg and causing him to bleed to death.
It is believed that the construction of Teotihuacan began around XNUMX BC.
Source: Arqueologia Mexicana


That's how

Are you influenced by movies?

There is even an impression that it was done frequently around the clock,

Take over the calendar and customs,


It was done.



"Good or bad" is not the issue.

Religion of the Mesoamerican Era

is a habit,

It was the ritual in it.


"Sacrifice" is

Nothing is limited to Mesoamerica over XNUMX years ago, is it?

Although the target of killing is not a human being,

In rural Nepal,

A Hindu ritual that takes place every five years

XNUMX animals

Killed as a "sacrifice" by their goddess.

(If you're interested, click here...https://www.afpbb.com/articles/-/3257908


wishing for something

If that cannot be achieved in the real world,

people believe in an unscientific god,

it became a religion,

In some cases,

For that god, I will kill and offer the "life" of the real world,

It seems that the act "sacrifice" is done.


Let's end the story that will make you shudder from Monday morning. (bitter smile)

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