Easy Mexican food at home: [Salsa]

Super easy.

Let's make salsa (the sauce one) at home!


It is sometimes introduced as "salsa sauce",

“Salsa” is an essential part of the Mexican dining table.

☝☝☝Salsa and tacos from my favorite taco shop


Salsa is

It means sauce in Spanish.

So when you say "salsa sauce"

Because it means "source source",

Salsa alone is fine. (smile)



Or rather, everyone, this food

Don't you think it's just spicy! ?


The base of salsa is tomato.

Tomate is green,

Jitomate is red.

This leads to red and green salsas almost everywhere.

Mix tomatoes with chili peppers, garlic and onions.

☝☝☝This is all you need


Only this. (smile)


Both chile and tomato are the most important ingredients in the history and archeology of Mexican cuisine.

I'll write more about chilli later.



Bake tomatoes and chilli.

In Mexico it is called Comal.

There is a round iron plate,

There are many sizes, but

Basically anything from vegetables to meat is grilled.

The one I have is a small one for home use.

☝☝☝Bake until browned.


This time, red salsa with hitomate,

Chili is known as that "super spicy chili pepper"

It can also be used as a material for punishment games

habañero pepper

I use the

(Market = Tianguis uncle gave it as a service, wry smile)


tomato and chilli

Bake until browned.

About XNUMX minutes.


after that,

to the mixer

Baked human mate and chile,

Throw in the onions and garlic.

Adjust the chili, onions, and garlic to your liking.

☝☝☝Put the mate, chilli, onion, garlic, and water in a blender.


Add about a glass of water to it.

This also depends on the amount of ingredients, so please adjust accordingly.


We put it on the mixer.


That's it. (joy)

☝☝☝Put it in the mixer and it's done.


This time, furthermore,

I will try it with potato salsa.


Boil two large potatoes,

peel off the skin,

Fry in a pan.


Pour the finished salsa into it.


Add any meat that you like and stir-fry.

In Mexico, chorizo ​​is often used as a stuffed intestine.



To let the flavor soak into the potatoes,

It will be crowded for a while.

☝☝☝Stir-fried potatoes, meat, and salsa are added and simmered.

the time is right. (smile)


That's it!

Potato & chorizo ​​with salsa.

☝☝☝Potatoes and chorizo ​​with salsa

☝☝☝I don't know if it's true,

Tortilla with nopales.


because it contains garlic

I'm going to eat rice too ~. (joy)


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