Semi-unplanned recommendation: That's why car trips are fun!

At this time three years ago, my wife and I decided to take our annual vacation of about two and a half weeks.

I remember that I started planning around this time.


Even if the plan

Around the Yucatan Peninsula (a large peninsula with Cancun and Chichen Itza),

Around several places such as Mayan settlements hidden in the jungles of Chiapas,

While making a surprise visit to an acquaintance's house in a mountain village in Chiapas,

Let's go see the magnificent Sumidero Valley (Canon del sumidero),

Roughly speaking, it was about 6,000 kilometers.


So I was planning to propose! (joy)


We like nature, and we especially like looking at the starry sky through a telescope in the quiet sea and mountains.

That's why I thought that such a place would be good for a proposal.


But the only place on the itinerary that meets those conditions is the Caribbean side of the Yucatan Peninsula.

But I don't like places like Cancun, which are bustling and not like Mexico.

So I made three candidates in a quiet place.


Let's go.But when you get closer to Cancun, the clouds become suspicious.

A few days later, in Cozumel (Plan XNUMX), although the sun was shining, my wife just got sick a little.

I went to bed early because I couldn't create a romantic atmosphere for the night.


The next day, the ferry terminal for Playa del Carmen was so crowded that I could not board the ferry I had planned.

We didn't get to where we planned for Plan 2.

That place is a small village further down than Tulum,

In my imagination, there is a lighthouse, quiet, beautiful scenery,

I expected it.


Things don't go so well

It's not a tourist spot in the first place, so it's not very beautiful.A lot of garbage.

The lighthouse is also deserted, and it's not an atmosphere to propose.


The final option is looking at the night sky on the beach of the village on the peninsula,

That's what it was, but it was attacked by a large swarm of mosquitoes.


I was getting impatient with such a thing, and I was starting to get a little discouraged.


The next day, I decided to go on a small tour with the help of the villagers.

This is a big hit!


wild dolphins and sea turtlesmeet the

(Specific place names have been omitted from the perspective of environmental protection.)

You can also snorkel,

They took me by boat to a place where the water was very clean and shallow about 1 meter.


"Let's stay here!"

"But I didn't bring a ring..."


I can't help it, so I found a shore that I could stop by on my way home,

I decided to go by car.


It's like this. (joy)

Half a year later, we were able to have our wedding safely.


I was able to do thisI was able to travel freely without being bound by time by car.thing.

plan too“somewhat”Although it may be necessary

In the end, it's dark one inch ahead, nothing goes according to plan, nothing goes according to planis not it.


In particularThere are many inconveniences in Mexico.

If you make a plan in such a place,conversely strangle one's neckmatter.

In the end, it's like, "Oh my God, I can't make it in time," "What if I can't go here?"useless stressIt will be.


Again, apart from backpackers who like that kind of thing,

in travelSuch stress does a lot of harm and does no good.


Keeping it to a certain extent as a draft,"Shall we go like this?"That's about right.

Wherever you go, concentrate and enjoy what is there.

If you actually think "Oops", try it without hesitation, try it.

Don't worry about "Ah, bus time..." or "Tour time...".


At least in Mexico,point to enjoySuch you.


I can't decide based on my imagination.

In the first place, I don't imagine it.

In order to do that, I will throw away all the stereotypes found in guidebooks and information sites.

And generously.


Then you can finally see the true face of Mexico. (smile)