Corona: As of May XNUMX / [Serenata] A stylish gift for Mother's Day

Current Coronavirus Status: As of May XNUMX

The upper curve is the number of infected people

The bar graph below is the number of deaths

Infected: 3

Suspected infection: XNUMX


This is what Mexico looks like. (smile)

Today May XNUMXth is Mother's Day.

within a year,

One of the most important days for MexicansSuch you.

To mothers who cannot go out due to corona,

A heartwarming gift was given.


It seems to be a smart move by the Mexico City police.

The costume is not mariachi today,

In Mexico there is a band playing the folk music Ranchera.Mariachi,

Surprise your loved one at home or at a restaurant,

I have a present to play live in front of that person.

thisSerenataIs called.

Of course, both men and women can give it,

Basically, it's cooler for a man to give a present to a woman. (bitter smile)


Yes, I have given and received gifts. (smile)


This joy

I don't know until I receive it as a gift (laughs).

nothing can replace it,

A one-of-a-kind gift.


It's hard to give instead. (smile)

First secure a place.

I was at a restaurant

Negotiate with the restaurant in advance.

To enter unnoticed,

I was even allowed to use the back door through the kitchen. (sweat lol)

Enhance the surprise effect with that hand.


Then the next step is to select the band.

I'm basically looking for it myself.

Have a test play

If you like it, negotiate the price next time.

Then, to the destination,

I will take you safely.

☝This might be the hardest (laughs)


Even though I said, "Follow me properly!"

For some reason I'm missing it. (bitter smile)

If we deviate, we have to rejoin,

I eat time while doing this.


When I finally arrived,

I went to my loved one with a cool face as if nothing had happened.

And at the time of meeting,

Mariachis come in while playing.

Of course, there are other customers around.

In the end, no matter who you don't know,

Sing and dance with everyone. (smile)


This is the most romantic gift




If you do not mind,

I can arrange it, so

Please tell me that such a situation was necessary.

for your loved ones,

We will help you prepare a stylish gift made XNUMX% in Mexico. (smile)