Maguey is not the only Mexican drink.

XNUMX years living in Mexico,

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with the motto

I'm Kou Iwasaki, a professional Mexican travel guide and driver.

I am writing from Mexico today.


We've talked about all kinds of alcohol,

Maguey is not the only Mexican liquor.


Chihuahua, northern Mexico,


In Coahuila, they drink

SotolA drink called.


Same with tequila

It dates back to Mesoamerican times.

Strictly speaking, northwest Mexico is not Mesoamerica.

It's called Oasis America.

The northeastern region is called Aridoamerica.


While driving on the highway in the north,

looks like maguey

a different plantI notice a lot of

This is called sotoru.

A lot of them live in the area.

☝☝☝This is Seottle.This is innumerable.


What is similar is that they are different plants.

Sotoru is not Maguey!


Thin stems are growing like maguey,

Kiote (I took the name of the blog from now on) is in the middle,

It's growing again.

Sotor has a gender,

The one with darker kiote is the female.


The oldest record of this liquor is

in ChihuahuaPaquime Culturecomes from the traces of

Pakime is the language spoken around here,

In Opata language,

"Place of the Big House" (Lugar de Casas Grandes)

is what it means.



From here, it is believed to be around XNUMX years old.

"Oven" is found.

Mezquite here

Burn the tree called

Sotol's original alcoholic beverage

believed to have been built.

of course,

Like tequila, it was before the distiller was introduced, so

The alcohol content should not have been high.


By the way, this sake is also high in alcohol content, reaching XNUMX degrees.

Economically inferior to agave,

To make a liter of Sottle,

You will need a XNUMXkg Sotor piña.

On the other hand, XNUMX to XNUMX kilograms of piña makes XNUMX liter of tequila.


Like tequila, mezcal, and bacanola,

Since XNUMX, Chihuahua, Coahuila and Durango have been designated as legal production areas.

We are also focusing on exporting

America, of course

It is also found in some countries in Europe and Asia.

(I will check the export destination again. Thank you.)


If you insist,

It's positioned like awamori or brown sugar shochu from Amami Oshima.

Although it is not as major as potato and barley shochu,

It is a historical and important part of Japanese food culture.


For that reason,

Although it is a liquor that is rarely seen in supermarkets in the capital,

If you ever get the chance to go north,

Please come and have a drink!

This is a strong drink, but

Please enjoy the feeling of burning your throat with "Gaaa~~~". (smile)