The identity of that Mexican taco.It started with Coco.

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The identity of that Mexican taco.It started with Coco.


When everyone imagines Mexico,

Tacowill mention


In fact, the “Mexican food” that I ate for the first time

It was tacos.

in Vancouver, Canada

I ate this with my co-workers while working.

I know now that

Tacos are not real tacos,

A hard tortilla bent into a U shape,

It had ingredients sandwiched between them.

I don't remember being particularly moved,

I don't think it tasted great either. (bitter smile)


Tacos are the national dish of Mexico.

It's actually plural

as the name of the dishOctopusWhat is it?

If there are two or more, the ending will be marked with a s,

It will be tacos.



what is octopus

I'm curious.

More is coming from Mulli,

Tomato is Tomatl,

Avocado is Ahuacatl,

The chili pepper is Chili,

Names of crops and foods of Mesoamerican origin

It comes from the language that was used at that time.



maya language,





Of course, each language

Although the name is different,

Based on the Nahuatl language that was basically spoken in the Messican Empire occupied by the Spanish,

Translated into Spanish.


octopus isTlahco in NahuatlIt is said that it was taken from the word

Meaning“half of something”in the sense that

You actually eat the tortilla in half and wrap the ingredients.


Tlahas a meaning related to food,

It can be read from the following Nahuatl words.

Quauhtlaqualli: large white tortilla for kings

Tlaqualiztli ⇒ the act of eating

Tlaqualizpan ⇒ time to eat

Tlaqualli⇒plate, deliciousness, food


Now is the time

Speaking of Mexican food, tacos

Arab style tacos,

Popular nameAl pastorIt is said that

It's the type that cuts off chunks of meat like that kebab,

this,Middle Eastern OriginWhat is it?


This is the area where Lebanon is located, where Mr. Ghosn, who has been making a fuss over the Nissan problem, is located.

in the XNUMXth century,

To escape conscription from the Ottoman Empire,

not muslim,

Especially young people aimed at Mexico.

They were mostly Arabic-speaking Christians.

In the XNUMXth century,

The number of immigrants will increase.

The cooking technique they use to grill and slice chunks of meat on vertical skewers.

I brought it to Mexico from my home country.


Gyro, Doner, and Shawarma for Arabic cuisine.

The meat used for these is lamb meat, pita bread dough, vinegar and various spices.

They are scattered all over Mexico

Puebla City and Mexico City were the most populated.

The area southeast of the Zocalo in Mexico City is

Many Lebanese Mexicans still live in

There are about XNUMX people in Mexico.


in PueblaFounded in XNUMX,

The origin of Arab-style tacosis still there.


in spanish

Call it tacos arabe

The seasoning is from the Middle East,

Meat is pork, not lambToな り ま す.

This tacos arabe

Transformed by non-Lebanese Mexicans in Mexico City

CurrentSo-called tacos (tacos al pastor)It became.


Characteristic is

Achioteas the main seasoning,

instead of pitacorn tortillabecome,

Pakuchi and onions are also toppings,

pineapple and salsa,

I accomplish a change in a Mexican style,

What became the current Tacos al Pastor

around XNUMXIt is said that.


This achiote

famousCochinita pibil of Yucatan cuisineTo say

Also used in pork dishes

Spices that have been used since Mesoamerican timesWhat is it?

It's a good seasoning for fish or meat.

☝Cochinita Pibil


By the way, Pastor

It means shepherd

Meat is pork and has nothing to do with sheep,

Why it is Pastor is a mystery. (bitter smile)


Found in some Catholic churches in Mexico

Arab architectural elements were imported via Spain,

The prototype of the so-called tacos (the stripped-down type) was created by Lebanese Arabs.

It's a direct result.


The child of this Lebanese immigrant, the first generation Lebanese,

Currently the number one in Mexico,

He is Carlos Slim Helu, one of the five richest people in the world.


That's how

modern day mexico

From language and architecture,

It is thought to be a European-style culture created by the Spaniards,

There are a lot of Arab elements behind it~


when you come to mexico

To the origin of so-called tacos,

Please come visit us~


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