Why Teotihuacan Is Emphasized (XNUMX/XNUMX)

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Why Teotihuacan Is Emphasized (XNUMX/XNUMX)

👆 Stairs on the stairs?Hierarchical architecture unique to Mesoamerica (Etapa constructiva)
The pyramid of the moon also has such a hierarchy.


It's already Friday! ?

The continuation of Teotihuacan ~ (laughs)


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Why is Teotihuacan important? XNUMX/XNUMXKiote Communication


Why is Teotihuacan important? XNUMX/XNUMXKiote Communication


Why is Teotihuacan important? XNUMX/XNUMXKiote Communication


Why is Teotihuacan important? XNUMX/XNUMXKiote Communication


Why is Teotihuacan important? XNUMX/XNUMXKiote Communication


The population of Teotihuacan swelled to about XNUMX,

Among the world's largest cities at the time,


It is believed to have been the third largest after London.


how is it,

The Teotihuacan power of this Mesoamerican civilization! (smile)


It existed in the land where today's Mexico is.

That's why it's called "su-go-i".


Pyramids are great, but

The great pyramid was builtback groundIs

The overwhelming political power of Teotihuacan,

This was supported by the size of the population, strong religious views, advanced architectural techniques, and the ability to observe nature.


Moving on to the pyramid,

The pyramid of the moon has XNUMX layers,

As for the Pyramid of the Sun...

This is one layer.


However, it is believed that it took about XNUMX years to build.


It's XNUMX years old.

That's about three generations of life expectancy at the time.


lead multicultural people,

And the control power to execute super long-term construction.

A tremendous power,

Was there cooperative leadership?


Mystery is.


What kind of "politics" was going on?

Now it's just a "guess",

It's also an endless romance.


and visit.

The death of a huge city that lasted for nearly 1000 years.


And suddenly.


Japan in the Nara period,

It's about the XNUMXth century.


Teotihuacan boasted such a powerful influence,

It will decline.




There are many speculations about this,

The conclusion of "kore" is not clarified.


However, there is a strong theory that

that is"Environmental changes".


modern society,

The transformation of society due to global warming is an issue, isn't it?


To curb global warming,

We have to change our way of life.

So is population growth.


There is a difference in how you look at it, but

To prepare for the food crisis, some people

You seem to be focusing on insects, especially edible crickets.

Like cricket rice crackers.


I don't eat

It looks fragrant. (smile)


If we do not adapt to change in this way,

Someday it will become uninhabitable

That's the environmental problem.


Around this time

in Teotihuacan

It is believed that the environmental problem was so severe that people could no longer live there.


What is that?


'Depletion of forests'.


The reason why forests have decreased so much is because

This is the reason☟

(Source: Arqueologia Mexicana)




It's painted in bright colors

What is it?




See you next time~ (laughs)

Why Teotihuacan Is Important - Part XNUMX


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