The story behind the tortilla, not the tortilla.

XNUMX years living in Mexico,

“Showing the true face of Mexico to the world!'

with the motto

I'm Kou Iwasaki, a licensed tour guide and driver in Mexico.


Friday is about to end.


It feels like time is passing at the speed of light.





☝☝☝There are also shops where mothers make everything by hand.


As for why I am correcting it,

Because tortillas don't work in Mexico. (smile)

in mexican spanish

lla is pronounced ja.

Argentina and Uruguay in South America pronounce it as sha.


Speaking of tortillas

The fact that it is an indispensable dough for Mexican cuisine,

I think many people know by now.

Even if you don't know tortilla = Mexican food,

``Eating ingredients sandwiched between round pieces of dough''

If you say it, you can imagine it somehow.

☝☝☝Handmade tortillas seem like something special to busy modern people.
In the olden days, handcrafting was the norm,
Above all, it's delicious.

In Mexico, it is usually made from corn flour.

In Japan, wheat flour is called tortilla.

The image may be fixed.

In Mexico, we also eat wheat flour,

The real thing is made of corn.

☝☝☝It's hard to make it at home every day, so buy something made with tortigeria,
It is customary to bake at home.
This is a market, but it's usually the one near your house.

The other day,

I touched on the tortilla a bit when I was talking about Tamal.

Some sources date its origin to around XNUMX BC.

It is not certain.

Where in Mesoamerica it was "invented" is also unknown.

Tortilla is

I write Tortilla,

This etymology comes from the Nahuatl word Tlaxcalli.


It doesn't look like much. (bitter smile)


east of mexico city

There is a small province called Tlaxcala.



I write Tlaxcala,

This etymology isTlaxcallan.


What do you mean by

Tlaxcalli, which means tortilla

tlán meaning “place”

It is made by combining


In other words,


“Tortilla place”

It becomes.

Just because,

It is not known whether Tlaxcala is the birthplace of tortillas.


Tlaxcala is

I always pass by when I go to climb Malinche,

Actually this state

Until XNUMX,


It was erased from the map of MexicoThat's right. (bitter smile)



I wrote on some blog,

The Spaniards landed in Mexico in XNUMX,

He built the first Spanish town in the Americas on the Gulf of Mexico side.

after that,

Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Mexica (Aztec) Empire (now Mexico City)

I'm taking steps towards

On the way,

Nowthrough TlaxcalaIt is

The local Tlaxcala people

They are challenging the Mexica (Aztec) tribe to a thorough resistance,

It is one of the few regions that the Messican empire did not conquer.

Hernán Cortés, a Spaniard who knew about it, said,

Take this Tlaxcalan to your side,

After that, with their cooperation,

We are going to Europeanize.


Depending on how you look at it, the Tlaxcala

"Enemies of Mexico"

Is considered

For more than XNUMX years after independence from Spain,

I couldn't put it on the map.



Why is Tlaxcala called Tortilla?

it rains a lot,

It's because I got a lot of corn.


I guess he ate a lot of Tamalli, too.

Using the abundant corn at that time,

There must have been a diet that included tortillas, which had existed for some time.

From there,

To the Tlaxcalli they were eating,

The Spaniards gave it the Spanish name “Tortilla”.


Tortilla is

It doesn't taste good unless it's warm.


Cold tortillas are dry,

It's not eaten. (bitter smile)


"Eating a cold tortilla"

When saying

"You're tired of it now, aren't you?"

That's what it means. (smile)


Tortillas are best when freshly baked.

☝☝☝This restaurant in Morelia, Michoacán serves fresh baked goods.
The size of the tortilla is also large.


Depending on the type of corn used,

Different flavors have different colors.

Usually yellow or blue.

☝☝☝This is made of flour, not corn.
Nopal (cactus) green.
(The color is too bright, so coloring is probably included.)


Tortilla and Tlaxcala.

The two names are so related.

Tlaxcala is a small province,

Even if you just bite into the tortilla there,

It may give you an idea of ​​what Mesoamerica was like back then! ? (smile)


Please try it by all means ~



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