How to distinguish between good and bad tours, part XNUMX

XNUMX years living in Mexico,

“Showing the true face of Mexico to the world!'

with the motto

I'm Kou Iwasaki, a licensed tour guide and driver in Mexico.


How to distinguish between good and bad tours, part XNUMX

☝☝☝Mexico trip as a woman.
Akiko wasn't sure if she would be able to enjoy it at first.
If you notice it, a week will go by in the blink of an eye,
Dance in the dance hall until an hour and a half before boarding a late-night Japan flight,
After enjoying it without any regrets, he promised to visit us again and returned to Japan!


Search quickly on the net anymore,

We are now in an age where we can instantly obtain tourist information and tour information from all over the world.


“Guide” to “people who live in the area”,

Well, there is also a site where you can ask for "accompaniment".


If you go to tourist spots,

Some places have tour companies.


For those of you reading this,

If you have traveled abroad many times,

I think there are some people who are thinking about going for the first time.


Some people use guides at travel destinations,

Some people don't.

I used to be the latter.


There are many different ways to travel.


In this age of information overload,

From the flood of information on the streets,

most suitable for me

The desire to choose the most valuable product for oneself

Ancient and modern east and west,

I think it's something that all human beings have at their core.


The blog I wrote the other day,

"Really, is that a good deal?"

There is also in

Paying XNUMX yen for something worth XNUMX yen

"normal" and "natural"


Consumers want

pay XNUMX yen,

It's about getting more value.


XNUMX yen, which is XNUMX yen higher than normal,

If you can receive the value of XNUMX yen,

Not a loss at all,

It's a great deal, isn't it?

That's the idea.


On the other hand,

The opposite is also very likely,

It is a story.


What I mean is,

"Only the amount presented,

Deciding whether or not to purchase a product or service

It's not a very good decision."

That's what I mean.



There are companies and sellersegobecause it contains


For companies

"Sell What's Already Selling"

It's easier and less risky.

If you are a travel agent

"famous tourist destination"


Less likely to "get lost".



All travel agencies visit famous tourist spots,

Advertise with excessively processed photos and videos,

How about a five-star hotel?

How about a fancy restaurant?


So to speak"Compete with "side menu"Run in the direction you want.



What really matters is

Using your precious money and time,

what you can get,

Is not it?


If you are looking for luxury hotels and restaurants,

If I go to extremes,

Can't you do it without traveling all the way to Mexico?

about it. (bitter smile)

of course,

Hotels and restaurants are important elements of travel, but...

After all, it is a “yakiniku restaurant salad”.


Don't eat meat at a yakiniku restaurant,

for health and

Would you like to eat only vegetables on the side menu?

It is a story.

If you do that

“Is it a house BBQ?”

becomes. (smile)


After hearing too many beautiful photos and fun rumors,

about the local


"Eh, eh, eh,,,

It's different from the pyramid I thought..."

I don't think there are many people who have experienced it.


If it's an unforgettable trip,

I can't even take my eyes off it.


This is not just for travel

From the last potato chips,



etc. is the same.


For travel to Mexico

When I started this travel guide business, I was looking at various information sites.

(I'm not interested anymore so I haven't seen it yet)

Someone said in an article that

Japanese tourists, in particular,

This point,

There is a strong tendency to blindly look only at prices,

That's right.



language problems,

There may be a background that there are only limited options locally.


With that in mind, next time

at least,

on a trip to mexico

So that travelers do not lose money,

No, in order to be able to "get" even a little,

What should I pay attention to when choosing a tour or guide?

With examples,

I'm going to write "nakedly" (laughs) about the circumstances of the "guide" in Mexico.


Well then~.



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