The true face of Tulum Part XNUMX

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The true face of Tulum Part XNUMX

☝☝☝Were the Spaniards surprised by its size?El Castillo


last time,

How long has Tulum been around?

That was the story.


Today's story is a little more intense.

It's a bit of a maniac story, so

If you don't mind, please check back tomorrow. (bitter smile)


This city is

As you can imagine,

Located on the coastline.

Moreover, its geographical feature is that it is one of the highest in the region.

This geographical feature is

was essential to businessIt is

Many people and products gather from far away,

The “concentration” of people through this business is

graduallyImportant place for religious and pilgrimageI become.

There was trade with Central America by sea,

On land, far along Veracruz Bay,

And it seems that there was also trade in central Mexico.


Many of the original buildings were of the Puuc style (the area where Uxmal is located),

Around XNUMX, the population began to increase,

The construction technology of religious buildings became more complicated,

A unique style begins to emerge.

☝☝☝It seems that the city was like this at that time.


From around XNUMX,

そのUnique architectural style establishedThen,

It is named Costa Oriental seen in the eastern part of the Yucatan Peninsula.



Religious buildings are well preserved compared to others.

The main vertical religious spaces (called paths) are

It runs north-south.

Same with Teotihuacan.

Veracruz's El Tajin, for example, has been designed in a north-south direction.


And although it may be a little-known duck,

Mural paintings are one of the most important parts of Maya culture.

I don't have any good photos that I can show you, but...

This mural

It depicts the "underground world".

I've already explained a little about it, but

The Mesoamerican worldview

"Death" gives birth to "life".

That is why human sacrifices were made,

Temazcal was built in the west direction,

A cave or underground is symbolic.



In Coco's mural,

There are pictures of humans and animals,

Their reproduction (being born again),

The world of death before being born again,

In other words, the appearance of the "underground world" is expressed.


そ し て,

It is also the meaning of the name Tulum


This wall

Especially in the Mayan culture, where there were a lot of conflicts between bones and flesh, (bitter smile)

It is thought that there is also a meaning of defense,

Alongside that,

It is also thought to clarify the class of the residents.


The number one destination for travelers,

often appear in photographs,

The building that appears in the photo with the sea on the right,

It's called the 'temple of the wind god'.

The base part is round.

☟This structure

This is the Mayan world

considered to be the god of the windKukulkanis thought to be related to

Kukulkan is

I also came out at Chichen Itza.

On the day of the vernal equinox, light and shadow create

It is the advent of Kukulcan.


Kukulkan is

in central MexicoQuetzalcoatlIt is called.

As I wrote in the "Sacrifice" the other day,

The king of Tura, who has been framed by the hostile Tezcalipoca.

I am the king of Tura

It is handed down among the Messika people,

This is how the Messican empire fell.

I'll talk about that another time. (smile)


Like that,

Appeared under different names in various parts of Mesoamerica,

Is it a myth or a true story

human or snake

Quetzalcoatl and Kukulcan, a confusing beingBut (bitter smile)

without thinking too much

Please think that's what I'm saying. (smile)




Thank you for your Mayan culture tour. (smile)

I think there are many people who are confused because it is too complicated,

Just this is good!

If you come to Mexico with this

That blur will clear up.


See you soon



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