The reason why it is better not to swallow the Mexican information that is overflowing with the world.

XNUMX years living in Mexico,

“Showing the true face of Mexico to the world!'

with the motto

I'm Kou Iwasaki, a government-certified guide and driver for trips to Mexico.

I am writing from Mexico today.

☝☝☝The kitchen of Michoacán's Prepecha restaurant.
Grind the corn with the square below (metate),
It is kneaded into a thin dough and baked with a round object (comal) in the center to make a tortilla.


In the corona misfortune, a "self-restraint police" has appeared.

I'm not the "Mexico Tourist Information Police", but (bitter smile)

When I'm doing this kind of work, sometimes there's a lot of information that catches my eye.


someone somewhere

“Mexican food is a world heritage”

That's what I'm saying.

openly on the internet.

I told you one word politely, but maybe even now.


Before that,

I don't think it's a good idea to personalize the name "world heritage" and use it as a page name (bitter smile).

It's not my business, so I'll leave it alone.


Yes, it is also written on the UNESCO website.

“Mexican cuisine is a world heritage site.”


But please think about it.


Wouldn't it be?


I did.


Mexican food is

"What about those street tacos?" (bitter smile)

"If you say that, what about burrito and gringa?" (smiles)

It's like, "So, of course, Corona beer?" (Laughter)


The page I found

from there alreadymisleading the readerHm.


If I were you, first

at least

"World Intangible Cultural Heritage"

I will.


"intangible"What is it?




That means

In the first place

Does not refer to a specific "Mexican dish"Hm.


This is Oita???Isn't it solved?


Then what is "intangible heritage"?

In a word“Habit”.


CustomWhat is it?

inherited from generation to generation

Tradition or

a religious ceremony or

special skills or knowledge,

In the case of cooking, for example, farming methods for crops.


For Mexican food,

For example, it is done in farmland called chinampa and milpa農法Or

of tools such as metate and molcajete使用Or

Treat corn with quicklimeknowledgeOr

theyUnique to Mexicoso,

Moreover, after hundreds of years, thousands of timesextantHm.


That is"worth"What is it?


So I

We take our customers to markets and local restaurants as much as possible,

Like this“Habit”Please see for yourself,

Sometimes we guide you so that you can experience it yourself.



That is

“Real Mexico”And

“Mexican value”And

And to experience them,

and your own“Worth your trip”I become.


And another definitive on that page"error"It is,

Although it is written as if it applies to Mexican cuisine throughout Mexico,

This world intangible cultural heritage

[Limited to customs related to food in Michoacán]Will be

Link source:
Consent of communities: Spanish/English


It doesn't cover all of Mexico.


If you tell me this kind of thing softly and politely,

I got the information from Wikipedia...


"..." (please like me already...)


XNUMX% of the information on Wikipedia isnonsenseSo the value as information is almost non-existent...

People who call themselves "guides" based on such groundless information,

We are in the “countless”.to Mexico.

☝ It's a pity.


Of course, there is also a Japanese at a certain major Japanese tourism company.

☝ I'm rude to Mexico.

I won't say anything...


this time period,

Anyone, anywhere can write whatever they want.


That's how

Information that can be used as a reference in guidebooks and websites,

A “guide” to hire in Mexico

For better or worse,

The value of your trip itself will be lost.

Please be very careful~~~