Recommended in Veracruz.

Recommended in Veracruz.


I recently finished writing a XNUMX-page paper for the Mexican Ministry of Tourism. (joy)

Entitled Reencuentro de la identidad mexicana

Rediscovering Mexican Identity

Why are you re-recognizing now?

I will talk to you when you come to Mexico.


You may have already written

middle eastern mexico,

This is a survey of tourism resources in Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico side.

This area is not listed in any Japanese guidebook,

Compared to other famous sightseeing spots, the lack of interest is obvious.


This land is actually a very important land when talking about Mexico.


First in the Americas,

It is the land on which the city of the Spaniards was built,

From Coco to Spain's Messika Empire,

Furthermore, the Mesoamerican takeover process begins.



"Spain destroyed Mexico"


"Conquered Mexico",

There are people who say

Although Mexico itself was invaded,

It has never been conquered! (angry)


At that time, the country of Mexico did not even exist.


“Invaded Mesoamerica”



In Veracruz,

It is one of the three major long-lived cultures of Mesoamerica,

The Huasteca cultural sphere, which is also the sister culture of the Maya culture, is located in the north.

Famous for El Tajin

Totonakapan of the Totonaka cultural sphere, which began to build a huge city around XNUMX,

In the south, the first culture that arose in Mesoamerica,

Famous for La Venta

There is an Olmec culture.


in addition,

I wrote earlier,

It was one of the first lands in the Americas to come into contact with the Spaniards.

It was the starting point for the Europeanization of Mesoamerica.


In a land where such diverse cultures have coexisted for about XNUMX years,

A "foreigner" suddenly enters

In a very short period of time, XNUMX years, it will become European.

It's a good place for quick turns,

Of course, the fact that an indescribable "sacrifice" is paid for this,

This is a part of world history that is not often mentioned in textbooks.



History written by winners = Spaniards is written to sound good,

It's actually a history of genocide and hijacking.

☝☝☝The first city built by the Spaniards in the Americas

Overlooking Villa Rica de Vera Cruz

A Spanish ship was moored offshore.


Such a historical complex land Veracruz,

Ruins of Mesoamerican cities,

Local cuisine of each place,

handicrafts and agricultural products,

The atmosphere of the village or town itself,

It is a place where you can feel the “unknown” side of Mexico.

Please come and visit once ~


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