What do you think about "power harassment" in Japan?

XNUMX years living in Mexico,

“Showing the true face of Mexico to the world!'

with the motto

I'm Kou Iwasaki, a licensed tour guide and driver in Mexico.


Thoughts on Japan's "power harassment"

In this corona crisis,

Opportunities to communicate with Japanese people


Facebook or

With the very valuable emails and LINE messages I receive every day,

All I can do is interact with everyone.

(That's why I'm very happy. Thank you as always! Lol)


Even in the office worker era,

How to interact with Japanese people

Most of them were with customers,

Communication with people living in Japan is

Peek at the vendors who come occasionally

It was almost zero.


in the sense that

After starting this business,

before corona

Every week, every month, with customers who come from Japan

Let's have a fresh exchange,

I remember having a lot of fun.


Thinking that way,

Half a year already! ?

It means that we are not able to interact through such face-to-face and conversation...


Even in the office worker era,

Most of the customers I was in charge of were from Mexico.

There was no such thing as communication in Japanese,


If you don't speak Japanese any more now,

It's a situation that I haven't even heard. (burn)


for the purpose of sending

Even if I write like this

After all, it is different from talking.

Because I'm just writing one-sidedly.


By writing and speaking

Whether to use different parts of the brain

I don't know how difficult it is

Sometimes I feel like my brain cells are activated when I talk to people. (smile)


By the way,

A little Japanese current affairs,

I want to know what the reality is

With that,

So you were (or are) watching convenient YouTube. (smile)


In this day and age?

There are many business channels.

Is this unique to Japan?The more I think

about annual income,

A person who talks about the daily life of a securities man,

A person who teaches the secrets of business,

I see a channel like that.

(At least in my session)


During that time,

There are times when the topic of “power harassment” comes up,

I can't help but roll my eyes. (bitter smile)


And I think


"It's impossible for me."


When. (bitter smile)


what the hell


In the morning, I was yelled at at close range (XNUMX cm),

There's an "unspoken rule" that says you have to be at work at 7, even though you're supposed to be at work at XNUMX:XNUMX.

If you're late, yell,

Being praised and played in front of employees as an ex,

Quarterly report throwing,

Have some coffee...



I guess that's just the beginning. (bitter smile)


I also

As far as I can remember, I have been "yelled at" three times.


at an auto parts factory

When you're not good at cutting plastic,

the other one is,

When the dolly hit the shutter,


unaware of the short obstacle outside the passenger door of the truck,

When you hit the door with a bang.

not attention,

It's sudden with a tremendous sword curtain. (bitter smile)




At work in Mexico

Well, first of all, it is impossible.


People who sometimes get angry and raise the tone of their voices,

Occasionally ~~~, you may end up arguing, but...



Swear in front of everyone on the floor,

Moreover, to shower at a close distance of XNUMX centimeters,

Those who do and those who can

My heart is going crazy. (mystery)

And that's why it's late. (bitter smile)


Also, the newcomer couldn't secure the position of the elevator control panel. (What is it?)


For those who work in Japan,

Like that“Strong”I'm going to become

I fought with fear. (sweat lol)


Now that I'm studying Kokoro, I think,

What you have to be careful about is

If you neglect that part of your emotions,

Someday it will come back to me.


Of course, the parties

Many people may think that it is "normal", but

It's because we're human.


that "ordinary",

In other words, getting used to it is troublesome.


Those who do and those who can

If this situation continues,

psychopathicI ended up

I can't feel it anymore.


The fact that you don't feel

There is no heart.


It's fun~



I love you~


I love you~

~I want to~ And so on.




I'm angry~

is also an important emotion.

What happens when the emotional part of such a person is ignored?


It's hard.

I mean,

I think it's a pity that I was born as a human being.



Don't you feel happiness as happiness?

Can't you feel love as love?

Don't you feel sadness as sadness?


It's important to work hard, but

While maintaining a moderate sense of tension,

You want to work in a healthy state of mind.


Unless you're like the old "company warrior" whose hobby is work (laughs).


I work to live.


When it becomes the opposite (live to work),

My heart will break.

And most of them don't even realize it


After reading this far,

“That’s normal.

Those who thought

Be careful yo. (smile)



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