[Tips for enjoying life in Mexico] Like a babbling brook

XNUMX years living in Mexico,

“Showing the true face of Mexico to the world!'

with the motto

I'm Kou Iwasaki, a licensed tour guide and driver in Mexico.


Serious people are more difficult! ?

Tips to enjoy living and staying in Mexico.

It was XNUMX when I came to Mexico.

If you notice, it's the XNUMXth year.

The baby is old enough to be in high school.

When I think about it, I can't help but feel that it's been an amazing amount of time.


But in reality it passed like bullet speed,

too early,

“Are you already XNUMX years older?

I spend my days like no matter how much time I have, it's not enough.


In other words, it was a very fulfilling time,

I don't think I would be who I am today without this time in Mexico.

I had an iloilo experience.

in a bad way,

"Oh, I wish I was a little more open-minded..."

I often felt.


When I self-analyze my personality before coming to Mexico,


・Stubborn and inflexible

・Poor talk



・ Unnecessarily good person

・ I don't have confidence

And now,

・Moderately bright (laughs)

・I don't expect anything, so anything is possible

・I'm not good at talking, but I like to talk

・I'm cool

・Half a monk who is tired of being happy and sad due to external causes

・Bold enough to say unnecessary things sometimes

And there are other Iloilo,

It is like this.


When the former

When I went to a Mexican house for the first time in Canada,

"This atmosphere is unbearable~"

I still remember how I felt.


what the hell

Everyone is making a fuss, (!)

They are dancing (!?)

No one cares about the weird oriental person (me),

First, I don't understand what you're saying (in Spanish). (burn)

Such a shy and hard-headed Iwasaki-kun,

I was stunned.


So he (I)

Why do you love Mexico so much now,

Become a guide to Mexico,

If you ask me if I have come to like speaking in public, even if I am not good at it,


"Well, how are you?"

It's what I've come to think.


Even if you're not good at Spanish

Even if the bus doesn't come, "it will come eventually",

Even if the promise is broken, "I thought it would happen",

When anger springs up, "Even if you get angry, it's troublesome to be rejected anyway",


When that happens,

Such episodes become content.

At that time, it was

It's going to be a topic of conversation. (smile)


I paid and got a bus ticket,

When I got on, someone was sitting,

Before I knew it, the bus was the one before.

To the police who clearly demand a large bribe of XNUMX yen,

When I showed him the XNUMX yen that he had put in his dummy wallet,

That's all I got through.


So when you try to deal with common sense theory and reasoning that Japanese people like,

It's going to be troublesome.

When that happens,

"This shit service!"

"Don't you have any pride in being a police officer?!"

Anger fills your head.


In the babbling brook,

When you give yourself up and let your body flow,

There are many things that go well

I understand.


It's hard to deal with everything without being emotional (bitter smile)

Even in Mexico where there is a high possibility that things that are impossible in Japan will happen,

You can usually get away with it without getting emotional.


Some of you reading this

Few people plan to live in Mexico,

Or maybe not,

Even for short stays,

Should such a thing happen,

"River babbling"

If you remember

I think the fun times will be even more fun. (smile)



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