Vanilla story.


Literally translates to "distant flower".

☝☝☝Flowers of Xanath


What do you mean,



I heard vanilla,

I don't think there is anyone who doesn't know,

It's that vanilla of vanilla ice cream.

It is a kind of spice of the column family,

the world's most popular

high demand,

It is one of the most expensive spices.

In fact, the origin of this plant is Mexico!


In my previous post, cacao is native to Mexico.

I wrote,

Vanilla too!


Surprise, surprise! ?


Mexico is a very large place.

How wide is

about five times that of Japan,

That means there is a land area of ​​about XNUMX million square kilometers,

east of the middle,

Long, thin and vertical along the Gulf of Mexico,


There is a state called

Further in the center


There is a place called

famous in the west

El Tajin


A little bit in the guidebook

being picked up,

Mesoamerican period (before Spanish settlement)

There are traces of the city of

that area,

Totonaka bread

That's what it means.


It's a little confusing,

In Zakkuri and Mexico,

There are XNUMX language families,

Each language family is branched,

There are currently about XNUMX languages ​​in Mexico.

(There is a person called XNUMX,

That's information from the national census XNUMX years ago.)

It is confirmed that there were originally XNUMX languages,

It is decreasing year by year.


One of them is a proper language (not a dialect or dialect) called Totonaka.

People who speak the Totonaka language are called the Totonaka tribe.

They are a big culture in this Totonakapan area,

He built the Totonaka cultural sphere.


Vanilla originates from Coco,

Discovered by this Totonaka tribe,

Paid as annual tribute to the Messican Empire,

Mixed with the cacao drink, which is a nourishing tonic drink mentioned above,

You were drinking.

(Mexica means Aztec.

In Mexican archaehistory, they are not called Aztecs.)

☝☝☝Vanilla vines at the vanilla farm


When the Spaniards came

It began exporting its noble scented vanilla to Europe.

especially popular in France,

He was killed by the guillotine after being overthrown during the French Revolution.

It seems that Louis XVI liked it too.


A tasteful European,

I tried to produce it outside of Veracruz,

For some reason artificial mating did not go well,

For a while it was a Spanish monopoly.

After that, slaves from Africa made it possible for population pollination,

The vanilla industry spread all over the world,

Today, led by Madagascar and Indonesia,

It came to be produced in about eight countries,

Mexico, the country of origin, is the lowest among them...

An oil field was discovered off the coast of Veracruz,

People's hands will flow there,

The Mexican vanilla industry is dead.


It is possible to add another blow to it,

Artificial seasonings began to appear in the XNUMXs,

The price difference is less than XNUMX/XNUMX,

Demand for original vanilla itself is also weak.

About XNUMX% of the "vanilla" on the market is

It's this artificial seasoning.


Xanath means "distant flower" in Totonaka language.

Tlilxochitl in Southern Sokhe and Poporokas,

Tichmoya means "black flower" in the Nahuatl language spoken by Messika.

called vanilla.


If you eat vanilla ice cream in the hot summer,

Its roots extend to Mexico.

Please think about it for a moment. (smile)


Details will be explained locally.

I can take you to the vanilla farm too~