Hiko's local gourmet

The other day,XicoI went to a village called

Almost due east of the capital city of Mexico City, about 230 km in a straight line,

If you actually go there, you will pass through Puebla in the southeast, so it will take about 320 kilometers and about 4 and a half hours by car.

This village is in the state of Veracruz,

It is located in the Sierra Madre Oriente mountain range.

Moist air from the Gulf of Mexico to the east hits the mountains and causes rain,

Humidity is completely different between the east and west of the mountains,

The types of plants that live there also change.

The western side of the mountain range is a semi-arid area called Semi-Arid.

The land is suitable for cactus habitat.


I don't think Hiko is in the guidebook,

I think it's only a little bit, if at all.

This village was established in 1591 by a Spanish expedition led by Hernan Cortés.

After landing in Kiahuistran in Veracruz,

This is one of the places we passed through on our way to Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Messican Empire.

The area around here was ruled by an ethnic group called Totonaka.

As the Messika increases its influence, it will eventually come under the control of the Messika.


Then you will be asked to pay annual tribute.

And because the demands are outrageous,

An antipathy to Messika developed among the Totonaka.

But I was living in a situation where if I resisted, I would be killed.

The Spaniards were there.


"What do you think, if you hate the Messika people, let's join hands."

Therefore, the Totonaka tribe guided the route that would be less monitored by Messika,

That route is Hiko.


This area is famous for coffee production.

It's called Café de Altura.

It refers to coffee grown at an altitude of 900m to 1500m,

It has just the right balance of richness and acidity.

There are coffee plantations everywhere.


Famous local cuisineMore.

This was my goal this time.

So, I made moles with a local mother. (joy)


Hiko's leaksit's sweet. (surprise)


Because I put in plenty of apples and bananas.

In addition, cinnamon, chocolate, brown sugar, chili, bread, onions, etc.

Mix 18 kinds of ingredients.

This is also hard work. (Sweat sweat sweat) Mix with a wooden spatula while heating for one hour.

It's home cooking, but it's not something you can do often.

So now it is sold as a paste or powder,

There are many “instant” products sold that can be made by simply adding hot water.


Also west of Hiko is the Coffre de Perrote mountain at 4300,

There is trout farming at the foot of the mountain because clean water is available.

this is alsoSuper horseThat's it. (Deep emotion)


The soup called shonekei is also a dish of this village.

As a foodie who loves local gourmet food, this is the perfect place for me.


Everyone please try it once ~~~.