Reasons to go:

・Large production area of ​​[silver products] that Mexico is proud of

・The streets are so beautiful that it's fun just to walk.

・Silver products can be bought cheaply at workshop prices

Prior to its colonization by Spain in XNUMX, it was under the influence of the Aztec (more precisely Mexica) empire.After that, due to Spanish settlement, it prospered as a major silver mining area in Mexico along with Guanajuato (Guanajuato) and San Luis (San Luis Potisi).According to the people at the local workshop, the mine itself has been on strike for about XNUMX years, and it seems that silver mining itself is no longer being carried out.

Built on a steep slope, the narrow roads are traversed by Wagen Beetles, making it one of Taxco's most iconic sights.It's a fun city just to walk around, but it's also nice to walk around looking at silverware during the day, taking snapshots while walking slowly, and drinking wine in a romantic atmosphere at night and walking around the streets at night.

The giant caves of Cacahuamilpa, the Xochicalco archaeological site and Tepoztlám are also nearby and can be traveled on the same route.


About XNUMX km southwest of Mexico City, about XNUMX hours by car, about XNUMX km north of Acapulco, about XNUMX hours XNUMX minutes


Come to Taxco and try the Chalupas and the Guerrero-style Pozole!


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