Teotihuacan Ruins

Reasons to go:

・The remains of an international city-state representing Mesoamerica [World Heritage]

Influenced the Mexica (Aztec) Empire, which can be said to be the foundation of today's Mexico City

It is a civilization with many mysteries, such as which ethnic groups lived there, the political system, and the reasons for its decline.Construction began around 200 B.C. by the Otopame tribe, reached its peak around 650 B.C., and then declined sharply, leaving the inhabitants around 750. The reason for this is still unknown. Is not ...It covers an area of ​​24㎢ and is thought to have once housed as many as 20 people. Teotihuacan is a Nahuatl word meaning "where people become gods" and was named by the Messicans.It was built based on meticulous urban planning, and there are 5 roads that connect north and south (note: there was no concept of a road at that time, so the term "road" in general explanations is incorrect). km, with cultivated land at the bottom and the Pyramid of the Moon to the north. It is called a religious building), but its extension points to the top of the hill behind Cerro Gordo.It is clear that it was a class society and an international city-state, and it seems that there was trade with the Maya culture of Guatemala in the south and the people around Zacatecas in the north.In the Mexican (Aztec) creation myth, Teotihuacan was depicted as "the place where time begins".According to the myth, when the "New Time" began, a fire was lit in the darkness, into which two gods entered and were sacrificed, ascended to heaven and became the sun and the moon.The Pyramids of the Sun and Moon were also so named by the Mexican (Aztec) people to worship their gods.This urban design was later followed in Tula and Tenochtitlan. The name "Teotihuacan" itself was given by the Messicans in Nahuatl after 1400 and is not the original name of the original culture.

Quick note:

Teotihuacan is now one of Mexico's most famous archaeological sites.It has become Mexico's [tourist resource] that cannot be missed in tourist guidebooks.On the other hand, I personally like Teotihuacan, but I also recommend visiting the Xochicalco ruins, Cacaxtla ruins, and El Tajin on the Gulf of Mexico side. To do. I don't want to disappoint those who are looking forward to "Mexico is Teotihuacan!", "Let's get power at the top of the Pyramid of the Sun!" It is a well-maintained sightseeing spot].It is true that there was an ancient city, and even today, if you dig up the surrounding ground, you will often find ruins as evidence of that.Among the ruins, it is worth seeing the parts that were made by mixing minerals, sand, and lime, hardening like modern cement and maintaining the shape of the time, and the original foundations of the buildings.However, there are people who build huge supermarkets in vast unexcavated areas without hesitation, and sell things that have nothing to do with the Teotihuacan era as "traditional crafts" to tourists who don't know the circumstances. It is also a place where questions arise about its existence.Of course, if you say, "I want to go because it's famous!", I can take you. If you want to buy souvenirs here, we can take you to the shop.On the other hand, I dare to tell you that there are such circumstances.By the way, the [power spot] that is often said in the guidebook is also a superstition without any basis.Spectacular views can also be found in Bernal, Xochicalco and Tepoztlan.If there is something unexcavated that looks like a thick hill, the building from that time remains buried under it.I think you can feel the real [romantic] there.

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About 74 km northeast of Mexico City, 1 hour by car without traffic



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