San Miguel de Allende

Reasons to go:         

・The scenery of the central historic district is [World Heritage]

・You can walk while enjoying the calm atmosphere of the center

・There are many folk craft shops

Before independence from Spain it was called San Miguel El Grande. During the 1500-year period from the late 300s when silver mining was active, it prospered as a stopover on the Silver Road (Ruta de la plata).Allende comes from this village, Ignacio Allende, one of the heroes of the Mexican War of Independence.Although it is a small village, in recent years it has become popular as a vacation home for foreigners (especially North Americans), and English can be heard everywhere in the city.Handicrafts such as folk crafts and glasswork are sold here.


About 290 km northwest of Mexico City, about 4 hours by car, 70 km northwest of Queretaro City, about 1 hour by car, about 95 km, about 1 hours by car from Guanajuato Airport just west of San Miguel.



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