What is an advance payment installment payment?

Risk-free installments

  • You can pay the travel fee in installments (subdivided) before your trip.
  • The purpose is to reduce the burden on the customer's household budget, as the cost of overseas travel tends to be high.
  • Unaffected by price increases
  • No split fees

Example: Traveling to Mexico in half a year with a total tour fee of 60 yen

  1. Pay 10 yen 6 times on the last day of every month
  2. Pay 5 yen 12 times every other Monday
  3. Pay 2 yen 5 times every Wednesday

Advantages and disadvantages of installment payments


  • I don't have a lump sum of money right now, but by paying little by littleEase your payment burdenI can do it
  • Not affected by price fluctuations.In Mexico, prices may increase without notice due to inflation, but even in that case, the price before revision will be applied.
  • Because it does not lead to sudden high expenses,Easier to manage your monthly household budgetBecome
  • even to payNo late penalty.The money you paid will be held in our account,Resume at any timeI can do it
  • If it becomes impossible to operate the tour due to unavoidable circumstances of our company (long-term hospitalization, family circumstances, bankruptcy, etc.),We sincerely promise a full refund of the amount you paid.You can rest assured that we will
  • For second and subsequent repeat usersPost-paid installment (BNPL)We will also consider (consultation required)
  • Up to 24 months from the last payment even if you change your mindHoldableで す


  • Once paid, the fee is non-refundable, so it is difficult to change the travel destination even if you change your mind halfway through (however, it is possible to hold the payment for up to 24 months from the last payment).
  • Since PayPal (online payment) is used, those who do not have a credit card cannot use it.
  • Since PayPal is used, it cannot be used by those who do not have a computer or smartphone.
What is PayPal?

Flow and terms of use

How to Use

  1. After agreeing on the price and notes, we will consult with you about your trip to Mexico and decide the total amount (estimate is also possible).
  2. Please freely decide the number of payments and payment date (up to 24 months)
  3. We will send you an invoice on the promised date, so please complete the payment procedure.

Terms of use

  • Final payment before departure of the tour
  • Local tours from XNUMX days or more
  • have a credit card
  • PC and smartphone can be operated

PayPal payment

safe and easyPayPalComplete payment with

On September 2019, 9, due to a legal change in Mexico, it is no longer possible to hold US dollars in accounts.Therefore, please pay the amount converted into pesos using our company's prescribed US dollar-Mexican peso exchange rate.Your credit card company will bill you in Yen at the exchange rate specified by your credit card company.Since the exchange rate fluctuates, we will inform you on the statement for each payment.Please note that the exchange rate posted on the Internet may differ.A credit card transaction fee of 25% will be added.

PayPal.svgYou can pay with these cards.

What is PayPal?


Payment fees are subject to change without notice.Please note that the payment at the time of payment will be applied.


before being canceled

From the time we receive your inquiry, we will make careful preparations using time and money so that our customers can be fully satisfied.Please understand this point before contacting us, and we kindly ask for your cooperation in order to avoid sudden communication loss, cancellation, and non-payment of the prescribed fee.

Also, in order to prevent such situations that are disadvantageous to both parties, please be sure to contact us before making an inquiry."Prices and Services">and"Precautions">Thank you for reading.If you have any questions about the content, please contact us before requesting the service, and use our series of services after acknowledging the content.

In case of cancellation

  • It is not possible to refund the fee you paid (except for cases where the tour cannot be held due to our circumstances)
  • Before contacting us, be sure toRates and services>Please see the prices for each serviceAfter confirming and acknowledging, we will consult with you about traveling to Mexico.
  • If you do not use our service after submitting the [Itinerary Proposal] [⑨Mexico Travel Advisor & Support] A fee of US$295 will be charged.
  • After confirming the date, cancellation within 30 days from the date will be charged 100% of the tour fee(corona·No charge for date changes)
  • When making an inquiry, if you have any questions about fees or services,Please be sure to let us know before your travel consultation
  • Already paid hotel and ticket fees cannot be refunded for any reason.

31 days prior to the date of use (Mexico City time)Changes/cancellations up to: Free of charge
30 days from the date of use (Mexico City time)Subsequent changes/cancellations and on the day: 100% of the above travel fee
For example, if the tour departure date is January 1st, 31% of the tour price will be charged from 1:1 on January 0st.
Cancellations before 12:31:23 on December 59st are free of charge, but a US$59 fee will be charged if an [Itinerary Proposal] has been submitted.

Postponements, schedule changes, and cancellations due to corona will be free of charge.


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