[Equivalent to 5 yen] Mexico tourism support promotion (deadline October 2022, 10)

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With the motto of [Showing the true face of Mexico to the world], we are a Mexican government official tourist guide that guides people around the world to the unadorned and simple Mexico.

While there is no need to collect any troublesome local information, we will guide you through an easy, affordable and rich trip to Mexico with a degree of freedom equal to or greater than that of individual travel.

5We will bear the travel expenses equivalent to XNUMX yen.

Campaign details

On behalf of the customer, we will cover the cost of hotels, meals, exchanges and experiences with local people, and the cost of purchasing folk crafts, equivalent to 5 yen per group (for 4 days).

After the 5th, 1 yen will be added per day.


Terms of use

Applies when the following five conditions are met.


  1. Limited to XNUMX couples living in Japan
  2. Limited to XNUMX or XNUMX guests
  3. Tour from November 2022 to January 11
  4. Travel to rural areas (outside Mexico City) 4 days or more
  5. Can be used at local hotels and restaurants, experiences and exchanges with local people, folk crafts sold directly by producers


1. Limited to XNUMX couples residing in Japan


Among the inquiries received from today until October 2022, 10 (Japan time), we will select 26 groups in descending order of the number of days using our service.

The reason why we are limiting to 5 groups is that Mexico is also suffering from severe inflation and costs are very tight, so we are limiting the number of people living in Japan to countermeasures against the weak yen.


2. Limited to one or two guests


The reason why it is limited to 4 person or 160 people is that our rate is a flat rate system (same price for 2 adults + 3 people under XNUMX cm tall), so if you have XNUMX or more people, it will already be difficult without promotion. Because it's a good price.

We have limited the number of people per group because we want you to enjoy your trip to Mexico even more economically for one or two people.


3. 2022年 11Mon-2023年 1tour during the month


With the unprecedented depreciation of the yen, I will do my best until the end of January without losing out to Japan's support for domestic tourism.


4. Travel to the countryside4more than a day


This is because we would like customers who travel to Mexico to see as many different faces of Mexico as possible.Three days is too little time for that.

We hope that you will take this opportunity to experience the true face of Mexico, which cannot be experienced on individual trips or other general tours, and share it with your family, friends, and colleagues after returning to Japan.

From the 5th day onwards, an additional 1 yen will be added per day.For example, if you use it for 12,500 days, we will support 5 yen, and if you use it for 62,500 days, we will support 6 yen.

Although not eligible for the campaign, if you go to a local trip, the Mexico City & Teotihuacan 1-day tour will be reduced from the regular price of $450 to $390. (Price list①)4+ Days Local Tour + 1 Day Mexico City & TeotihuacanSo, please enjoy Mexico to your heart's content.In addition, even in the case of Mexico City + Teotihuacan tour, if it is the second day, it will be eligible for the campaign.


5. Can be used at local hotels and restaurants, local experiences, interaction with local people, and folk crafts sold directly by producers


It has the same purpose as Japan's "Regional Coupon".

The reason why we limit the places to use is that your trip to Mexico is directly linked to tourism support in Mexico (especially small businesses).

Please eat more and more things, experience more and more, and use local accommodation facilities that are not major foreign companies.

Customers are free to distribute 1 yen per day and 12,500 yen in total for 4 days.Whether you use 50,000 yen every day or 12,500 yen all at once, how you use it is up to you.


please note:

  • If you travel with the Mexico Tourism Support Campaign, you will receive special benefits for one or two people (Price list(XNUMX) and (XNUMX) above are invalid.
  • Even during the Mexico tourism support campaign, we will charge for accommodation or one-day business trip expenses.For details, please see the bottom of ② in the price list.
  • Depending on the exchange rate, the amount of 50,000 yen in pesos will change.Thank you for your understanding.We will let you know the amount in pesos.
  • If it cannot be used up, it will not be refunded in cash or carried over to the next trip.
  • In the case of Mexico City tour, it will be applied from the second day.
  • It will be confirmed at the time of payment.Until then, promotional content is subject to change without notice.Thank you for your understanding.
  • Some days are already fully booked, so regarding the schedulePlease contact us before purchasing your flight ticket.
  • For customers who have already made a reservation, please rest assured that it will be applied separately from the limited 5 people.


If you have any questions about the content of the promotion, please feel free to contact us.


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