Mexican Charm Makes Your Life Richer

Mexico has many attractive elements such as beautiful nature, historical places and ruins, rich food culture, and friendly people.There are many interesting tourist spots for Japanese people, and it is one of the best countries for overseas travel after the corona disaster is over.

There are two direct flights from Japan every day, so you can rest assured that you can arrive at the same time as you go to the East Coast of the United States or Europe.

mexican nature

Mexico, which has a land area five times that of Japan, has an infinite amount of beautiful nature.

Not only Cancun and the Caribbean Sea of ​​Riviera Maya, which are familiar to Japanese travelers, but also Oaxaca and the Baja California peninsula facing the Pacific Ocean, the emerald green sea spreads, and you can enjoy water sports such as diving, snorkeling, and surfing. I can.

In addition, a unique ecosystem spreads out in the tropical jungle in the south, and you can enjoy observing wild animals and plants as well as beautiful natural scenery that can only be seen in Mexico.

There are many high mountains over 4000m and 5000m in Mexico, and people who like mountain climbing can of course get close to the great nature of Mexico by hiking.

Mexican history

Mexico has many historical remains left behind by people (indigenous peoples) who lived in famous cultures such as the Messika, known as the Aztecs, and the Maya.Famous archaeological sites include Chichen Itza and Teotihuacan.These ruins reflect a rich culture and architecture and attract many tourists every year.

In addition, there are many places where architecture, art, and historical events occurred after the Spanish invasion during the Age of Discovery. There is also a big historical tourist attraction.

Mexican food culture

Mexico is famous for Mexican food such as tortillas and tacos.The coastline is also rich in fresh seafood and fruits, which you can taste in Mexico.In addition, Mexico has world-famous distilled spirits such as tequila and mezcal, and many tourists enjoy their unique taste.

The history of food in Mexico is very deep, and tamal is drawn on a mural that is believed to be around 100 B.C.Today, the tamal is still one of the staple foods of the Mexican people, and is often eaten as a home-cooked dish.

mexican people

Isao Iwasaki, a Mexican tourist guide, is dining with the people of Oaxaca.

Mexican people are said to be friendly and easy-going.Known for their electronics, automobile brands, and anime, they are pro-Japanese and have a strong fondness for Japanese people.

There are various cultures such as traditional costumes, dances, and music, and one of the attractions of traveling to Mexico is that you can enjoy interacting with the local people.


Japanese woman and Mexican man enjoying a private sightseeing tour of Mexico

As mentioned above, Mexico has various attractions and is a very interesting country for Japanese people.

There are various ways to enjoy traveling, such as interacting with local people, exploring nature and historical ruins, and experiencing delicious food culture.By all means, please plan a trip to Mexico after 2023 when the corona crisis is over and experience the charm for yourself.

Mexico is a vast country and has not developed a comfortable and convenient public transportation network.Many people use buses and planes for long-distance travel, but there are inconveniences such as safety issues and the inability to turn sharply.

At our company, in order to reduce the convenience and safety issues in traveling to Mexico, Japanese tourist guides who are familiar with the road conditions in various parts of Mexico will consistently carry out everything from planning a trip to Mexico to conducting tours and attending to emergencies. We are striving to make it possible for people from Japan and all over the world to travel to Mexico with peace of mind.

If you have any questions or requests about traveling to Mexico, please feel free to contact us from the "Contact Us" button below.