The tour fee paid by the customer is used in this way.

Searching for "heritage" in various parts of Mexico with my own feet and eyes

Mexican tourist guide Isao Iwasaki in the jungle of Lacandon, Chiapas


Mexico is a vast, deep, and complex country beyond your imagination.For this reason, it is difficult to convey the message to visitors from overseas, and it is also difficult to understand, and many people cannot fully enjoy the value of Mexico's heritage, and I think that many people end up compromising on the beautiful and famous tourist destinations. increase.

As a professional Mexican guide, I am convinced that if customers who come all the way from Japan and other countries can experience the “real face of Mexico”, their trip to Mexico will be even more fulfilling. Regardless, I will explore the Mexican culture and nature on my own feet, which are the heritage of Mexico and the heritage of mankind, which are scattered all over Mexico and buried in secret. We are continuing.

We mainly use the money you paid for transportation expenses such as gasoline and expressway tolls, food expenses that also serve as lodging and tasting, and rewards for local people.


All proceeds go directly to the local people.

The support of local people is essential for experiential tours.By being actively involved with the local people, the density of your trip to Mexico will increase dramatically.

We work directly with the local people to avoid using well-financed tourist facilities and utilize as much of the local resources as possible.Therefore, the experience-based services that our customers use are, in principle, the homes and workplaces of local people.

I, Iwasaki, personally communicate directly with the local people to make sure that your trip to Mexico is enjoyable and fulfilling.Therefore, there is no middleman between me and the local people.

For the local experience tour, you will be required to pay a separate fee determined by the local people.

This way, you get the full value of the services they provide, the full price they need, and transparency for you, the paying customer.


We are working to build relationships of trust with local people.

Isao Iwasaki, a Mexican tourist guide, is dining with the people of Oaxaca.


I, Isao Iwasaki, am a tour guide with a guide license certified by the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico.

On the other hand, I consider myself to be a promoter of tourism in Mexico, and the essential role as a tour guide is to act as a "kuroko" and "accompany" the customer's trip to Mexico.The image of the guide, who accompanies the customer, is to quietly support the customer's sightseeing in Mexico behind the scenes.Therefore, you can travel without losing the feeling of “creating your own trip to Mexico” and “the feeling of a free personal trip by yourself”.

Many of the “real faces of Mexico” are in places where you can interact with local people.However, many of the local people who live in rural areas do not know how to use these cultural and natural tourism resources such as wonderful traditional techniques, knowledge, and customs that Mexico boasts to the world as a tourist product. We lack the know-how to guide a certain "customer" and how to sell it to make money.This tendency is particularly strong in places that are not yet well-known as tourist destinations, and the reality is that the customs and native languages ​​of small communities in Mexico are being lost year by year.What this means is that our human heritage, not just Mexico's, is lost forever.

Although I, Isao Iwasaki, am powerless, I dare to propose unknown tourist spots to our customers, including their backgrounds, in order to contribute to stopping the disappearance of such human heritage.Of course, it is the customer who decides whether to go or not, but my role is to bring the cultural and natural heritage of such small communities that have not been exposed to the sun, or that have not been exposed to the sun, to the same table as other famous tourist destinations. We are trying to put it on.In addition, we are preparing to guide customers while communicating with local people in order to make these heritages attractive products worth paying for as tourism resources.

When visiting the site, try to have regular exchanges as much as possible, such as cooking together, making folk crafts, homestaying at the home of the local people, and going hiking in the nearby mountains. I'm here.At the end of the event, we pay the appropriate amount as a reward.

Hopefully, these exchanges with local people will eventually spread to the entire community.


We are "trying out" before guiding so that customers can enjoy it safely.

Mexican tourist guide Iwasaki is cooking with local people in Oaxaca, Mexico


No matter how valuable a diamond is, if it is not polished, it will not be attractive and will not be worth the money.It is the heritage of Mexico and the heritage of mankind, which is scattered in countless places in Mexico.Even with Oaxacan wool fabrics, you cannot say that you enjoyed their intrinsic value just by buying them.What is it, why is it made by the community, why is it this price, why is it this color, without knowing the background of such things and things, I bought and did it. Finding value is hard.Because if you don't do that, you can easily make similar products anywhere in the world.Why does it make sense to buy this "rug" in Oaxaca, which is hand-woven rather than machine-made?We are focusing on on-site experience tours so that customers can feel it even a little.Experience tours are not just about making something.One of them is to put yourself in the great nature of Mexico and spend some time.

The ties within the Mexican community are strong.Even though I am a tourist guide certified by the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico, it is forbidden to step foot into their living areas.When I see such local customs and land, I always accompany the local people.By doing so, you can enter areas that are usually only accessible to locals, and have experiences that are unique to the local area.

My motto is "genuineism".Basically, we will not guide you to facilities that are decorated and arranged for tourists.We want our tourists to experience the things and places that local people actually use in the same way.

To do that, you have to experience it yourself.I pay a reasonable amount of money in the regions where I go for research, and try to experience the customs and nature of each region firsthand.


We travel in comfort and use vehicles that are as environmentally friendly as possible


Mexico's land area is five times that of Japan's, and because of that distance, domestic transportation is mainly by plane and long-distance buses for land routes.There are no trains except for some areas.

Airplanes are suitable for long-distance travel such as 1000km or more, but there is a major drawback that all local spots to the destination will be flown, so on our tours, we prefer to travel by land rather than by air. We will guide you.Traveling to your destination is also part of your trip to Mexico, so the best way to enjoy it is by car, which has a sharp turn.

Traveling hundreds of kilometers a day is very common in a trip to Mexico.In order to ensure that you can comfortably travel long distances and long hours by car, we prepare the most advanced vehicles that we can do at any given time.In addition, we select vehicles that have the least possible impact on the environment, even with respect to CO1 emissions, which are difficult to avoid.

The current vehicle has room for up to 7 people, but the engine is as small as 1.4L and runs about 1km per liter of gasoline.The use of EVs in Mexico is expected to take some time, and we are considering switching to hybrid vehicles in the future.For the time being, hybrid vehicles will be the most efficient and cost-effective means of transportation in Mexico with the least environmental impact.

For an optimized carbon footprint

A product's carbon footprint is a quantification of how much greenhouse gas (COXNUMX) is emitted in the production, procurement, production, use, disposal or recycling of raw materials for a product or service. .

Traveling abroad inevitably involves long distances, which in turn lengthens the length of stay at the destination.However, even if it is difficult to drastically reduce the CO2 emitted in a single trip, it is possible to optimize it with individual awareness.The idea is to obtain one or two more values ​​with the same amount of CO2 emissions.


If you fly to Mexico emitting the same amount of CO2 and travel to Mexico emitting the same amount of CO2,By enriching trips, we can optimize your carbon footprint (CFP) per trip by increasing the experience and value you get for the same trip duration and distance traveled.


We value the efficiency of our customers' trips to Mexico, and offer suggestions and guidance so that they can experience more and more content in the same amount of time.

Furthermore, if they can contribute even a little to the better life of our customers, and to the rise of awareness of the protection of nature and culture on both sides, we will protect the essential global environment and protect the living environment of human beings. I believe that it will spread.


We carry out regular inspections of vehicles that entrust the lives of our customers.


We carry out vehicle inspections at the specified mileage without omission at the repair shop of the authorized dealer.In addition, when parts need to be replaced, they are replaced with genuine parts at authorized dealers.

Even when maintenance is required, the proper maintenance is performed at an authorized dealer, and everything is recorded.


We regularly attend courses certified by the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico



Tourist guides who hold a guide license are obliged to attend a prescribed number of hours of training with instructors certified by the Mexican government in order to renew their license.These courses are not just for renewing your license, they are also great for updating your expertise.


We pay about 30% income tax and 16% consumption tax received from customers.

16% of the payment will be deducted as consumption tax, and all of the above services, server fees, advertising fees, office supplies, daily physical condition management, etc. 30% of ordinary income is deducted for income tax.

The rest and I devote myself to a simple but happy life with my wife and children.


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