I am looking for someone to travel with me in Mexico!

Yutaka Ito



Lives in Chiba prefecture

Your profession


Desired number of days (within Mexico)

about 5 days

Interests/Things I want to do

Ruins tour and Mexico City and its surroundings.I am interested in ancient Mexican history, such as the Aztecs and the Mayans.I also want to eat delicious Mexican food.

A word from Yutaka

It's been nearly 60 years, but I'm thinking about quitting farming soon and wanting to take it easy.I'm a farmer, so my legs are strong, but I'm from the countryside and can't travel too quickly, so it's better for me to travel at a leisurely pace.I want to talk a lot because he lost his wife early and misses him.Age and gender do not matter.It doesn't matter who you are.


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