I am looking for someone to travel with me in Mexico!

Noriko Yoshikawa


Lives in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture

Your profession

Sales office

Desired travel cost and length of stay (within Mexico)

Late 2022 if corona subsides, preferably around November

3 nights 4 days to 6 nights 7 days

Interests/Things I want to do

The ruins of the central part of Mexico, the cute townscape, the Mexican cuisine experience, etc.

A word from Noriko

I have traveled abroad to three countries in Europe. I am in my 3s.First time in Mexico.I was interested in reading Mr. Iwasaki's correspondence.I don't know anything about Mexico yet, but I'm going to study little by little.I am also interested in archaeological sites and historical places.He has a quiet personality, but he likes to talk.I prefer women if possible.I haven't booked any flights or hotels yet.It doesn't matter if it's total or partial.It doesn't matter if you're male or female, and you can be of any age.


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