Versatile and original Mexico sightseeing route

None of the routes below are handled by regular travel agencies or package tours.Of course, we are happy to accept any route not listed here.

Whether you are traveling to Latin America for the first time or have visited several times,"A trip to Mexico where you can make memories of a lifetime"We will provide

You can freely organize the route according to the number of days.Click here for various route examples!

Interaction experience with local family in Oaxaca XNUMX hours ~

Isao Iwasaki, a Mexican tourist guide, is dining with the people of Oaxaca.

Interacting with a local family in Oaxaca Memorable moments in Oaxaca Speaking of Oaxaca, the archaeological sites of the Zapotec culture such as Monte Alban and Mitla, the wood carving folk crafts known in Alebrije, the me...

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Let's dance salsa and cumbia in Latin country Mexico! XNUMX hours~

Mexican tourist guide Isao Iwasaki poses with a Mexican woman

If you can dance, you will feel closer to Mexico!The Mexican teacher and I, Iwasaki, will guide you carefully one-on-one! [su_youtube url=...

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Mexico [O-ma-ka-se] Tour XNUMX days~

Mexican tourist guide Isao Iwasaki making chocolate with his wife

Mexico 【O・MA・KA・SE】Tour XNUMX days~ And "Favorite story...

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Departure from Tabasco (Departure from Mexico City is also possible) Trip to feel nature at Mayan ruins & Lacandon virgin forest XNUMX-XNUMX days

mayan ruins yaxchilan ruins in mexico

Mexico's true face woven by the Mayan ruins and the wilderness of Chiapas 👆 You can feel another side of Mexico from the characteristic architectural ruins of the Justilan ruins to the jungle...

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Mexico City and the ruins of Teotihuacan XNUMXst day

Mexico City, the center of Mexico's history, culture and art Mexico City is the origin of the name of the country, Mexico (México)...

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Travel to Veracruz, the first place in the Americas to experience Europe first-hand XNUMX days~

Take a detour to Veracruz to discover Mexico's world-class history. 👆Attraction of Veracruz, America's First Church

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Mexico City ⇔ Cancun Land trip around 6 days*

white sand and blue sea

Cancun by road is an unforgettable trip. 👆 Cancun beach.Land Travel Attractive Mexico's attractions are not limited to famous tourist destinations.Not so much for foreigners...

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From Chetumal to Cancun Travel across the Yucatan Peninsula XNUMX nights

El castillo at chichen itza mayan ruins mexico

Enjoy Mayan ruins, Mayan nature, and Mayan cuisine!The charm of the Yucatan Peninsula The Yucatan Peninsula includes the area where the giant meteorite that is thought to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs during the Cretaceous period 6500 million years ago collided...

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Crossing Mexico, the country of the sun, by land from 12th*

A great adventure from top to bottom in Mexico, the country of the sun! 👆 Tijuana, the northernmost point of Mexico.The fence behind the border is the charm of traveling by land Traveling by land can sometimes be physically demanding...

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History and Tradition Trip to Oaxaca XNUMX days XNUMX night~*

Discover the true face of Oaxaca hidden behind its monuments, artefacts and cuisine.Oaxaca Travel Attractions Oaxaca, the capital of the state of Oaxaca, is located about XNUMX kilometers southeast of Mexico City...

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Quetzalan Village & Ruins of Totonaka Culture & Coffee Plantation XNUMX days XNUMX night

Unique atmosphere where Nawa culture and Totonaka culture meet What kind of town?Quetzalan Village.It is a small mountain village located about XNUMX hours from Mexico City.Japanese travelers...

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Mexican Day of the Dead (Día de los muertos) XNUMX days and XNUMX night~※

Mexico's Day of the Dead customs originated in Mesoamerica while merging with Catholicism What is Mexico's Day of the Dead? Mexico's [Day of the Dead] Día de los muertos is a UNESCO (...

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If you come all the way to Mexico, let's go to tequila! XNUMX night XNUMX days~

The charm of tequila that you can only understand when you go to a sake brewery Tequila is one of the world's four major spirits, which is gaining recognition even in Japan.Tequila is now...

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Queretaro-San Miguel Guanajuato Morelia's world heritage & independence movement most important cities XNUMX city roundup XNUMX night XNUMX days

The weight of Mexico's spectacular history behind the scenery arranged for sightseeing.I will guide you to 5 cities that are important in Mexico's history and are world heritage sites.The world-famous Guanajuato and Sa...

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Would you like to give your loved one a [stylish gift] with Selenata?

Are you neglecting the expression of "love" for your loved ones?What is Selenata One of the reasons why I was attracted to Mexico is the expression of "love".I am not exaggerating at all.For Mexicans...

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Plan for transfer up to XNUMX hours

ANA airliner flying to Mexico

We will use transit time effectively and guide you through Mexico City efficiently.MEXICO CITY AIRPORT TRANSFER CONVENIENT TO LATIN AMERICA Mexico is the perfect stopover point for flights to Latin America. ...

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This is how Mexicans enjoy life, this is Mexican Night! XNUMX night / Friday and Saturday only

Japanese Women and Mexican Men Dancing on a Private Sightseeing Tour of Mexico

This is the place to socialize in Mexico!What is Mexican Night? Each country and region has its own way of enjoying it.In Japan, it's an izakaya after the evening, or a karaoke box where you can hang out with friends and colleagues...

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Would you like to spread your wings and relax in Mexico?

Travel Mexico as you were born in this world.Even if I live in a foreign country where no human being was born through my own efforts, when I occasionally look at Japanese news sites, I find myself thinking, "Who is that?

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This is pure Mexican resort, Acapulco XNUMX days XNUMX night

If you go to Mexico, feel like Mexico at the original Mexican resort What is Acapulco like?A well-known resort area in Mexico.Cancun, Ro...

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Taskouka Kawamilpa, a city of silversmiths Giant limestone cave - Xochicalco ruins direction XNUMXst to XNUMXnd

It is a silver town that has been introduced in silver folk crafts, townscapes, Posole, and Tasco, the birthplace of that flower.To be more precise, silver mines have not been established for 20 years due to strikes, so it is called [Silver Craft Town]...

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Climbing Mt. Malinche, the XNUMXth peak of Mexico (only experienced climbers) XNUMX day OR XNUMX days

What kind of mountain is Mt. Matrarqueje Mt. Malinche in Nahuatl?The original name is "Matlalcueye", written as Matlalcueye.Means "god of the blue skirt" in Nahuatl and...

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Mexico's XNUMXrd peak Iztasihuatl hiking (no mountaineering experience OK) half day / mountaineering (climbing experience only) XNUMX-XNUMX days

The snow-covered white figure is truly a "white woman" What kind of mountain is Iztaccihuatl?Means "white lady" in Nahuatl. Iztac is 'white' and Cihuatl is 'female'.As the name suggests, snow...

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Departure from Tapachula (Tuxtla or Mexico City is also possible) Climbing Mt. Tacana straddling the Mexico-Guatemala border

Mexico, Sightseeing, Tour, Guide, Climbing

Bilateral mountaineering across the border between Mexico and Guatemala 👆 What kind of mountain is Mt. ...

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Mexico's XNUMXth peak Nevado de Toluca mountain hiking (no mountaineering experience OK) half day / mountaineering (climbing experience only) XNUMX day

What kind of mountain is Nevado de Toluca, the nine mountains in Nahuatl?Its original name is Sinantecatl, which means "nine mountains" in Nahuatl.Pico del...

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Mexico's highest peak Pico de Orizaba foothill hiking (no climbing experience OK) half day +

Mexico's high mountains towering against the blue sky

What kind of mountain is Mt. Pico de Orizaba, Mt. Citraltepetl, the highest peak in Mexico?Its original name is Sitraltepetl, which means "star mountain" in Nahuatl.Mexico's highest peak...

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Tour of Michoacán with Prepecha culture XNUMX days XNUMX night

Pátzcuaro, the empire of the west Prepecha culture and its surrounding areaPátzcuaro...

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Departure from and arrival in Chiapas (Mexico City departure and arrival is also possible) Chiapas trip to touch the unknown face of Mexico A few days *

A trip around historically important ruins in a popular tourist destination in Chiapas A trip in central Chiapas Chiapas is a state bordering neighboring Guatemala.Chia in Chiapas is that chia.Chia seeds...

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Leisurely southern Mexico (Yucatan Peninsula, Chiapas, Oaxaca) overland trip about XNUMX weeks *

A trip around southern Mexico A land trip where you can feel the grandeur of Mexico with your skin.Drive through 6 states on your own terms with no strings attached.Just an ordinary resort...

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