Please enjoy Chihuahua with the three beats of "Nature, Ethnicity, and History".

👆 Enter the platform and the passenger car of the Chihuahua Railway

Chihuahua charm

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Chihuahua is a dog with round eyes.The dog is named "Chihuahua" because it was found here in Chihuahua.Chihuahua is written as Chihuahua, but there are various theories about the etymology of this etymology, and it remains a "mystery" as to what words mean.However, there are many place names based on the Nahuatl language, and based on that theory, it may be Xicuauhua.Its meaning is 'dry sandy place'.

Chihuahua is a state as well as Chihuahua City, the capital of the state of Chihuahua.Chihuahua is the largest of Mexico's 32 states in terms of total area, with two-thirds of its area being desert.On the west side of the state, on the other hand, the Sierra Madre Mountains run north to south.

Speaking of sightseeing in Chihuahua, first of all, it will be a trip on the “Chihuahua Railway” and “Chepe Railway”.Traveling on the only tourist train in Mexico, relaxing and enjoying the scenery of Mexico's wilderness is a luxurious time.On the other hand, there are many charms of Chihuahua that would be a waste if you ended up just traveling by train.

If you were to describe the state of Chihuahua in three words,"Nature, Ethnicity, History"You can say.

As for "nature," there is a huge canyon called "Copper Canyon," which is often introduced in Japanese media.And the local ethnic people collectively called "Tarahumara" who live in the steep mountainous area and their customs.If you go to the suburbs of Chihuahua, European people called Mennonites, who have their roots in Poland, still live without electricity in some places.Finally, "history" is a part that is neglected in general Chihuahua tourism.It is difficult for foreign tourists to understand the impact of important events and people in the area, and therefore they do not feel the importance of the historical site.But Chihuahua is the deathbed of an indispensable figure in the process of becoming Mexico today, and the place where historically important presidents used it as a refuge and spearheaded the chaotic situation in Mexico.Without them, Mexico would not have developed as it does today.

At our company, we will guide you through the vast Chihuahua from the three points of "Nature, Ethnicity, and History" as an addition to the "Chihuahua Railway Trip".



Chihuahua Railway (Chepe Railway) + "Nature, Ethnicity, History" trip,2 days at the shortest*here you go.

The route example below assumes pick-up at Copper Canyon and drop-off at Chihuahua city or Chihuahua airport.We will also take care of how to get on the Chihuahua train from Los Mochis, transportation between hotels in Los Mochis and the train station, and purchase of train tickets.

  1. Los Mochis 👉 Chihuahua Railway 👉 Copper Canyon 👉 Tarahumara Village in the Valley 👉 Chihuahua City
  2. Los Mochis 👉 Chihuahua Railway 👉 Copper Canyon 👉 Hiking Valleys in National Natural Park 👉 Chihuahua City
  3. Los Mochis 👉 Chihuahua Railway 👉 Copper Canyon 👉 Mennonite Museum 👉 Historical Sites in Chihuahua City
  4. Los Mochis 👉 Chihuahua Railway 👉 Copper Canyon 👉 Overnight in Tarahumara Village 👉 Hiking National Monument 👉 Chihuahua City
  5. Los Mochis 👉 Chihuahua Railway 👉 Copper Canyon 👉 Overnight at Tarahumara Village in the Valley 👉 Historical Sites in Chihuahua City
*Because of the remote locationnormal tour pricewill incur additional costs.Please contact us for more information.

Schedule example

Here is an example.We will listen to your interests and schedule in advance, create a detailed schedule and guide you through the details of your trip.

If you are in a hurry

April 4 Mexico City (day) 👉 Airplane 👉 Los Mochis (overnight)

April 4 Los Mochis 👉 Chihuahua Railway 👉 Copper Canyon & Observatory 👉 Chihuahua City (overnight)

April 4 Chihuahua Airport 👉 Airplane 👉 Mexico City (Morning)

Those who want to see the sights for a full two days

April 4 Mexico City (day) 👉 Airplane 👉 Los Mochis (overnight)

April 4 Los Mochis 👉 Chihuahua Railway 👉 Copper Canyon (overnight)

April 4 Copper Canyon and suburbs 👉 Chihuahua City Center 👉 Chihuahua Airport 👉 Airplane 👉 Mexico City (night)

Those who want to experience the nature and culture of Chihuahua

April 4 Mexico City (day) 👉 Airplane 👉 Los Mochis (overnight)

April 4 Los Mochis 👉 Chihuahua Railway 👉 Copper Canyon (overnight)

April 4 Copper Canyon 👉 Village of Tarahumara (overnight)

April 4 Tarahumara Village 👉 Chihuahua Airport 👉 Airplane 👉 Mexico City (night)


Chihuahua Railway Precautions

Chihuahua Railway has been featured in the media in Japan.Many tourists will use this tourist railway from now on.So I'll let you know about the "shortcomings" that I noticed.

We would appreciate it if you could use it as a material for planning your trip to Mexico so that you won't be disappointed when you go there.

"Chihuahua Railway" or "Chepe Railway" which is operated as the only tourist train in Mexico as of today.It is used by many travelers from Japan and abroad, but for those who are used to traveling by train in Japan and around the world, the quality of the service is "underdeveloped" and in some cases "disappointing". Therefore, we recommend that you keep this in mind when using the service.

My recommendation is to visit the surrounding sightseeing spots rather than the main trip, which is broadcasted on TV."Travel in Chihuahua".

  • the windows are dirty

The train sells spectacular natural scenery, but the most disappointing thing is that the "panorama train window" is cloudy.I also asked a traveler who used it at a different time, but it was also cloudy.This ruins the scenery.

  • stinky with exhaust gas

The first class cars have an outdoor deck, but it was not possible to enjoy the outdoors comfortably for a long time because the exhaust gas from the train hit directly. (Maybe it depends on the direction of the wind...)

  • In-car announcement in Spanish

The waiters and announcements are in Spanish, so people who don't understand Spanish may find it confusing.

  • no storage space

Carrier bags, Boston bags, and large backpacks are not allowed as there is no storage space.Also, if you are traveling with a baby, you cannot bring in a stroller, so you will always have to hold it in your arms.

For families with children and elderly people who want to travel by train with as little luggage as possible, we can store your luggage at our office in Mexico City, or deliver it to your hotel if necessary. Is possible.In that case, please feel free to contact us.

  • no flights

Due to timetable revision, today it is an irregular timetable.It may be difficult for people who do not have a lot of leisure time to travel, such as when there is no flight the next day.


Photo gallery

Chihuahua train car

To the daily life of Tarahumara culture

While feeling the great nature of Chihuahua

Gorge hiking and folk history together

Chihuahua city where historical sites remain


Recommended for these people!

  • Those who want to feel the “true face of Mexico”
  • Those who want to change the time of "moving" to the time of "discovery"
  • Those who are unsatisfied with general tours
  • Intermediate/advanced traveler to Mexico
  • Female travel
  • Those who do not have time but want to be greedy
  • Those who like history
  • For those who love nature

Of course, people other than the above people are also very welcome!



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